Dot is about an inquisitive and exuberant 8-year- old who embarks on hilarious adventures and who fearlessly sets about solving problems. Problems she most likely created herself.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Bring the Thunder

    Dot tries to help her dog, Scratch, get over his fear of thunder; while it turns out that some problems simply can’t be fixed, Dot does manage to help her pooch feel better with a cuddle.

  • 2. One Soggy Knight

    Dot and the gang go on a quest to find Scratch’s missing chew toy, learning what it means to be chivalrous in the process.

  • 3. Treasure Hunting Dot

    Dot’s excited to find amazing treasure on a Geocache hunt, but Mom and Hal help her to realize that her family and friends are the treasures that matter most.

  • 4. Picture This

    Dot goes overboard making Mom an elaborate ‘thank you’ gift in the form of an animated movie starring Super Mom.

  • 5. Scaremaster 2.0

    Dot gathers the crew together to give her Dad, the self-acclaimed “Scaremaster”, a fright he won’t soon forget… but in the end, it’s the one person she didn’t see coming who delivers the final scare.

  • 6. Ghoul Away

    When a ghost moves into Mister Sherman’s house, Dot takes on the job of getting rid of it in the hopes she can sway her neighbor into liking Halloween again.

  • 7. Hello, Cello

    Dot has trouble buckling down to learn how to play the cello, but Nev helps her realize that practice is the only way she’ll ever get better.

  • 8. Dinner for Thirty

    Over-excited at the chance to use a 3D food printer, Dot accidentally prints far too many dog bones and has to ask for help when her house goes to the dogs.

  • 9. Easy Squeezy

    Dot takes it upon herself to help Hal with his lemonade stand, and winds up taking over the whole thing in her attempt to build a lemonade empire.

  • 10. A Dog’s Best Friend

    Wanting to give Scratch his own best-dog, Dot builds him a robot companion before realizing that she’s Scratch’s best dog.

  • 11. Snow Day

    Dot plans the ultimate snow day when her Grandma comes to visit, but when a lack of snow derails her itinerary, Dot finds out that simply spending time together is all that really matters.

  • 12. Leaf it to Dot

    Dad takes Dot and Hal on a nature hike to earn their final Rangeroo badges, showing the kids why it’s good to unplug sometimes, while Dot and Hal show Dad how tech and nature can work together.

  • 13. A Song for Everyone

    Dot and her friends work together to write a song for the Winter Concert that will speak to the entire town, regardless of what holiday they celebrate, but their performance is threatened by a snow storm.

  • 14. The Holiday Tree

    Dot is horrified to discover she’s accidentally gotten rid of all the decorations for the town tree; she works round the clock to make new ones and discovers the joy that comes with giving and sharing.

  • 15. Maker Breaker

    The Maker Faire has come to town! Dot has trouble with her project for the kids’ event and has to realize that making something great takes time, and a lot of mis-steps.

  • 16. Dog Doc Dot

    When Scratch gets fleas, Dot becomes an over-protective helicopter parent.

  • 17. Shallow End Hal

    Dot and Hal are excited to go swimming in the lake for the first time ever; while Dot learns to love floating amongst the fish and seaweed, Hal has a much harder time and makes the decision to stay on the sand.

  • 18. Achoo-dini

    Dot’s devastated when a nasty cold keeps her from attending Ruby’s magic-themed birthday party, but Dad helps her find a way to turn her symptoms into some fun tricks.

  • 19. Unplugged

    Dot and family decide to participate in The National Day of Unplugging, but staying away from technology turns out to be harder than they thought.

  • 20. Scratch Says

    Dot creates a translator app so everyone can understand Scratch the way she does, but giving Scratch her own voice leads to some unforeseen results.

  • 21. Hal in One

    With his family mini-putt tournament looming, Dot volunteers to whip Hal into shape with an elaborate home course, but in the end, the best help she can offer is her support and encouragement.

  • 22. Rocket out of the Park

    Dot and her friends take part in the rocket building workshop at the Maker Faire, where Dot sees first hand how great it is that everyone does things their own way.

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