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New episodes resuming January 2024

Dragons' Den is a reality TV show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business concepts and products to a panel of Canadian business moguls, who have the cash and the know-how to make it happen.

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Episodes Season 13

  • Episode 1

    In the season premiere two new Dragons bring their expertise to the panel, while a cheerful entrepreneur hopes her success doesn’t melt away. Also, a sibling duo seek to frame an investment and a social enterprise hopes to reel in a deal. Plus, a team of scientists thinks the Dragons will get fired up over their hidden treasure.

  • Episode 2

    A duo seeks investment for a pet product they hope the Dragons will eat up, while a health nut hopes the Dragons offer up their fat cash, and a gym owner seeks a strategic partner to row his business to the top. Plus, an entrepreneur pitches what she hopes is a crystal clear deal.

  • Episode 3

    An inventive mother looks to show the Dragons she doesn’t make rash decisions, while a techpreneur seeks the perfect partnership in the Den, and an entrepreneur tries to jump start a deal for his innovation. Plus, a company hopes the Dragons can stomach their business proposal.

  • Episode 4

    Behind the Scenes Special: For the first time ever Dragons’ Den pulls back the curtain to reveal the exciting inner workings of Canada’s favourite business show. Be part of the journey on our cross-country audition tour where thousands pitch their business prospects. Take a peek behind the scenes at the CBC studios, and see what goes into a pitch. Plus, backstage secrets are revealed from the Dragons themselves.

  • Episode 5

    Up in Smoke Special: The budding cannabis industry has been firing up the entrepreneurial spirit from coast-to-coast. From teas to technology, the Den is lit up by growing businesses hoping the Dragons are ready to cash in on Canada’s newest cash crop.

  • Episode 6

    An entrepreneur thinks love is blind, while a caffeine product needs a Dragon boost, and a duo hopes their pitch isn’t off key. Plus, business partners present their natural product against oil odds.

  • Episode 7

    An entrepreneur reveals the “tooth” about dental hygiene, while a pair of business partners look to load up a deal, and an inventor faces off against the Dragons. Plus, a theatrical team aims to be the highlight of the show.

  • Episode 8

    A table-top discussion sparks Dragon competition, while a father and his sons are thirsty for an investment, and a toy accessory plays with the Dragons’ imagination. Plus, pet enthusiasts hope to bark up the right money tree.

  • Episode 9

    In this special “Side Hustle” episode the Dragons hear from part-time entrepreneurs who have created businesses in their “spare time.” From the tech world to the oil rigs, the side hustle entrepreneurs leave behind their day jobs, to show the Dragons they have the skills to make their passion a full time pursuit.

  • Episode 10

    A trio seeks to lure in an investment, while a team of entrepreneurs hopes the Dragons will gush over their business, and a family hopes that their trip to the Den won’t be the tail end of their business. Plus, a group of friends look to transform the furniture industry.

  • Episode 11: Holiday Episode

    It’s a Festivus in the Den as the Dragons scoop up sacks of fabulous products. Our entrepreneurs aim to win over the Dragons’ inner Scrooge with their winter-themed gear, meals, and stocking stuffers.

  • Episode 12

    In this Student Special, the Dragons are about to get schooled as students give them a lesson in their business ideas. These young entrepreneurs have studied hard, and are looking to ace the Den and graduate with some Dragon dollars.

  • Episode 13

    An entrepreneur looks to continue his cycle of success, while a group seeks to fill empty spaces with Dragon cash, and an entrepreneur wants the Dragons to help breathe life into her invention. Plus, a trio hopes to get some Dragon bucks for their take on a tux.

  • Episode 14

    A couple has a fresh take on a juicy proposal, while former athletes sock it to the Dragons, and a team of estheticians creates a hairy situation in the Den. Plus, a hockey coach reveals a game-changing invention.

  • Episode 15

    Entrepreneurs hope to scrape up an investment, while a pro-snowboarder aims to win over the Dragons, and an electrician thinks that a Dragon partner would fit his business like a glove. Plus, a duo believes that their business is on target to make a splash in the Den.

  • Episode 16

    A team of triathletes hopes that their pitch doesn’t leave them hearing crickets in the Den, an inventor aims to plant the seed for an investment, and a mechanical engineer looks to clean up in the Den. Plus, a duo hopes the Dragons will get an eyeful of their product.

  • Episode 17

    In the Valentine’s Day Special love is in the air - and so is opportunity. The Dragons are fired up and looking for passionate pitchers and proposals, hoping to make the perfect partnership in the Den.

  • Episode 18

    In this Family Special, parents, children, and siblings team up in the Den to show the Dragons that the entrepreneurial spirit can span generations. With support from their loved ones behind the scenes, will these companies expand their family tree to include a Dragon?

  • Episode 19

    A furniture company wants to avoid getting drilled by the Dragons, while a fashion-forward entrepreneur seeks to enlighten, and a yoga instructor hopes to bring some zen into the Den with some furry friends. Plus, a duo bare it all for the investment of a lifetime.

  • Episode 20

    In this special episode proven entrepreneurs need Dragon dollars to take them to the next level. Canada’s biggest and brightest enter the Den hoping to walk away with the one thing that could boost their business - a Dragon partner.

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