Dreaming Whilst Black

Dreaming Whilst Black tells the story of Kwabena, an aspiring filmmaker stuck in a dead-end recruitment job who takes the first step toward achieving his dream.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Dream

    Kwabena, an aspiring filmmaker stuck in a dead-end job, gets the opportunity of a lifetime - but what will he have to sacrifice?

  • 2. The Reality

    Kwabena is now free to chase his dreams, but where’s he going to get the money to pursue them?

  • 3. The Friends

    Kwabena is broke and struggles to impress his high-flying love interest Vanessa. Luckily he meets a big-time producer who offers him a break.

  • 4. The Birth

    Funmi goes into labour but the birth takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile Vanessa has some big news for Kwabs...

  • 5. The Pitch

    Kwabena is struggling to impress the jurors in his development scheme; is he willing to do what it takes to get the funding?

  • 6. The Premiere

    Kwabena and Amy have finally made their film, and Kwabena is now focused on getting agents to come to the screening with the hope of being signed.

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