Due South

The cases of a cynical American police detective and a upright Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable in the city of Chicago.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Free Willie

    Constable Benton Fraser sets out to prove the innocence of a twelve year-old purse snatcher who is accused of taking part in an armed robbery. Although the boy, Willie, is a chronic thief and liar, Fraser convinces his friend, Detective Ray Vecchio, to trust in the boy's basic goodness - as well as his claim that he can lead them to the true criminals - even though clearing the boy will mean putting Ray's job on the line.

  • 2. Diefenbaker's Day Off

    A six year-old girl who lives in Fraser's building appeals to him to help her Daddy who seems to have a bad habit of "hurting himself a lot." Fraser soon discovers the reason; her father, Charlie, is the "Fall Guy" for a personal injury fraud ring. For a paltry $200 a crack, he throws his body in front of moving vehicles.

  • 3. Manhunt

    Sergeant Duncan "Buck" Frobisher, a legendary Mountie and best friend of Fraser's dead father goes missing a week before retirement. Frobisher's distraught daughter, Julie, seeks Fraser's help as she believes that her father has crossed the border and is in Chicago.

  • 4. They Eat Horses, Don't They?

    Ray takes Fraser on his first trip to a supermarket. While there Fraser sniffs a pound of ground chuck and senses that the "All Beef" label may be a bit optimistic. In fact, it smells suspiciously like a mixture of Black Angus and Quarterhorse.

  • 5. Pizzas and Promises

    When Lenny, a local pizza delivery boy, has his car stolen right in front of Fraser's building, Diefenbaker takes off in relentless pursuit. To Ray's disbelief, Fraser tracks Diefenbaker's "scent'' through the streets of Chicago, eventually coming upon the wolf and the stolen car. The odd thing is that the car Diefenbaker has identified, although the same make, looks nothing like the car they saw stolen.

  • 6. Chinatown

    While dining out in Chinatown, Fraser "hears" a kidnapping takes place and must follow down his earwitness clues in order to save the young man's life. With Ray's help Fraser discovers that the victim is the son of Henry Lee, a Chinatown restaurateur, and that the kidnapping is an effort to convince Lee to stop rallying his neighbours against the spreading influence of the local ganglord, Charlie Wong.

  • 7. Chicago Holiday - Part One

    An apparently mundane Consulate assignment escalates into a wild ride for Fraser. Christina Nichols, the sixteen year old daughter of a Canadian diplomat, is placed in his charge for the evening and chooses that night to wildly break free from her repressive lifestyle. From bizarre after-hours clubs and a police raid to a tourist bus and a foreigner looking for Graceland, Fraser tries desperately to keep up with the debutante turned hell­ raiser.

  • 8. Chicago Holiday - Part Two

    As the conclusion to this two part episode opens, Christina Nichols, sixteen year old daughter of a Canadian diplomat has decided that she doesn't need a chaperon and has managed to elude Fraser. For once in her life, she just wants to be an adult - to be able to decide what she's going to do and when. Unfortunately, she may have eluded Fraser, but she hasn't eluded the killer that Ray and the rest of the force are desperately trying to hunt down. Unbeknownst to her, she has accidentally acquired something that he is prepared to kill for.

  • 9. A Cop, A Mountie and a Baby II

    When Fraser and Ray discover a baby cooing in the back seat of Ray's car, Fraser deduces that this was not a simple case of child abandonment. He believes the mother is afraid and is running from something. He convinces Ray to give him six hours to track down the infant's parents before turning him over to the appropriate authorities. Using clues drawn from the baby's food and clothing they are able to track down the father. Unfortunately, moments after they hand the baby over, they discover that the father is the person the mother was running from.

  • 10. The Gift of the Wheelman

    When a gang of Santa Clauses hold up a bank, Fraser and Ray attempt to enlist the assistance of the one person who saw one of the burglars unmasked. When he refuses to co-operate despite tremendous danger, Fraser determines that the young man is bitterly protecting his own father - the driver of the bank robber's getaway car. The father robbed the bank to provide for his son but, disillusioned by the dishonesty he witnessed, the young man now wants nothing more to do with his father.

  • 11. You Must Remember This

    When Fraser decides to stop and give some friendly advise to a man parked by a fire hydrant, the man surprises them both by drawing a gun and speeding away. Ray gives chase but is quickly stopped by a reckless hit and run driver. Badly hurt and lying unconscious in the middle of the street, his life is save by a mysterious beautiful woman.

  • 12. Hawk and a Handsaw

    While accompanying Ray to his annual psychological examination, Fraser saves the life of a man precariously walking along a fifth story ledge. The man, a psychiatric patient is desperately searching for Ty. His cryptic comments are dismissed as the rantings of a delusional John Doe. But something rings true to Fraser. On and off the buses and over the bridges of Chicago he somehow manages to make sense of the bizarre clues and tracks down Ty -- only to tragically discover that he killed himself 5 years earlier.

  • 13. An Eye for an Eye

    Fraser inspires a group of senior citizens to stand up against crime and form a neighborhood watch. Unfortunately, he also inspires an elderly vigilante who believes the only way to rid the streets of criminals is to fight back with a baseball bat.

  • 14. The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Fraser is assigned the job of escorting a pathological liar back to Canada to face, not surprisingly, perjury charges. Unfortunately, Ian MacDonald's uncanny ability to cause trouble renders only one route possible - Ray's car. So Ray, Fraser, Diefenbaker and Ian hit the road for what Ray feels confident will be an easy run. But it seems that a certain trio from north of the border are not too anxious to have Ian tell the truth. Like all Canadians, they're polite, well-groomed and respectful. But unlike most Canadians, these three are killers.

  • 15. The Wild Bunch

    Diefenbaker, Fraser's faithful wolf, is arrested for biting an animal control officer and is ordered by the court to be destroyed. Stunned by the gentle wolf's strange behavior, Fraser must discover the reason behind it before the sentence can be carried out.

  • 16. The Blueline

    Fraser's childhood friend, now a famous hockey player, receives death threats. Fraser steps in to protect the self-absorbed sports star and to try and resolve the mess he's made of his life. Diefenbaker's determination to get an autograph from hockey star Mark Smithbauer lands Fraser and Ray right in the middle of a liquor store shootout. Ray, along with Huey and Gardino, is ready to dismiss the hold-up as just another garden variety robbery. Smithbauer and his lovely P.R. woman feel differently. They insist that the robbery was a cover for an attempt on Mark's life.

  • 17. The Deal

    A mafia boss from Ray's neighborhood insists that the police investigate the robbery of a church poor-box. Fraser and Ray get caught in the middle when the vengeful mobster seeks his pound of flesh. When the poor-box from Ray's neighborhood church is robbed, Frank Zuko demands that the police bring the culprit to justice. Ray grew up with Zuko who's grown from a schoolyard bully into a dangerous mafia boss, and knows that Zuko rules the neighborhood just as he ruled the schoolyard: with fear. Still, the law's the law, and Fraser and Ray have no choice but to go after the poor-box thief.

  • 18. An Invitation to Romance Episode

    An apparently simple task, the delivery of an envelope, turns dangerous when the recipient believes that Fraser is having an affair with his fiancée. When the envelope accidentally winds up in the hands of a rather exasperating woman, Fraser must follow her from City Hall to a Bridal Shop to a Honeymoon Hotel, all in hopes of recovering the missing missive. Oddly, the woman's betrothed fails to see the innocent explanation for why Fraser would be in a motel room with his fiancée, or worse yet, why he would be hiding under her wedding dress - while she was wearing it.

  • 19. Heaven and Earth

    When a young woman is kidnapped, Fraser finds help from an unusual source: a derelict named Garret who seems to know more about the kidnapping than he ought to. Meanwhile, Ray obsesses over whether or not Fraser has slept with Ray’s sister, Francesca.

  • 20. Victoria's Secret - Part One

    The only woman that Fraser ever loved is the only woman who can destroy him. Fraser, Ray, and Diefenbaker get caught in the middle of a dangerous cat and mouse game between two bank robbers. At stake: the half-million dollars never recovered from an eight-year-old bank heist.

  • 21. Victoria's Secret - Part Two

    The only woman that Fraser ever loved is the only woman who can destroy him. Fraser, Ray, and Diefenbaker get caught in the middle of a dangerous cat and mouse game between two bank robbers. At stake: the half-million dollars never recovered from an eight-year-old bank heist.

  • 22. Letting Go

    When Fraser is forced to spend several weeks restricted to his hospital bed after being shot, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the activities which take place in the rooms and offices across from his room.

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