Durham County

They say there’s only six degrees of separation between you and anyone else in the world, but sometimes it’s not even that. Sometimes the most brutal evil you can imagine is already in your world. Sometimes he’s just across the street.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. What Lies Beneath

    An attractive man has lured two teenage girls to a secluded wood for a fatal picnic. A second man lurks in the trees, secretly watching the deadly seduction. Meanwhile, Police Detective Mike Sweeney is moving his family to the bedroom community of Durham County.

  • 2. The Lady of the Lake

    Anger bubbles up from under the domestic and superficial calm of Durham County as murder and betrayal shatter the foundations of trust and family. Mike discovers that Nathalie Lacroix, the woman he fell in love with when his wife almost died, has been murdered.

  • 3. Divide and Conquer

    Haunted by Nathalie’s death, Mike Sweeney secretly grieves and is more committed than ever to tracking down her killer. Yet he’s still trying to cover-up his past relationship with her. When it’s discovered during Nathalie’s autopsy that she was still a virgin, there’s more interest than ever from the other detectives in finding her boyfriend.

  • 4. Guys and Dolls

    Real estate agent Sally Morgan who was last seen with Ray is discovered dead. Like the other women, her hair’s been cut and, inside her bra, Mike finds Ray’s business card. Mike’s almost certain there is a connection with Ray but he has no real proof. He and his partner, Tom, decide to go to Ray’s and question him.

  • 5. The Dark Man

    Mike and Tom investigate Jake’s death and discover that the evidence that could have determined Nathalie’s killer has been incinerated with Jake. Back at the precinct, Claire unexpectedly arrives to talk to Mike about Ray. Claire tells Mike that Ray raped her when they were teenagers. Mike feels guilty forever believing that Claire had had an affair with Ray.

  • 6. Life in the Doll House

    Mike wakes up from a nightmare to realise that he’s in police custody charged with murder. At the precinct, Audrey confronts him about his affair with Nathalie and bursts into an angry rage when he admits to his relationship with Nathalie. When she leaves, Mike starts to figure out that there were two killers and tries to convince Tom of his innocence.

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