Earthling House Huntress

An optimistic young real estate agent is on a quest to help extraterrestrials find their forever homes in the Greater Toronto Area, however bizarre, perplexing or impossible their housing needs.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Galaxa 314

    Liz may lose both dignity AND life in order to please her perpetually furious client and save her alien division.

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  • 2. Planet Batuna

    Liz is keen to prove that humans and aliens can be friends. Too bad her client is the awkwardest alien in the universe!

  • 3. The Squeam

    In trying to teach a xenophobic colleague a lesson, Liz enacts her own personal nightmare: destroying a beautiful house.

  • 4. Uranus

    Liz starts to doubt herself when she can’t seem to find a place for an ever-growing group of spunky spherical refugees.

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