Faits Divers

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This police series takes us into the murky land of the suburbs where one dirty trick always deserves another. It depicts the lives of small-time criminals well on their way down the slippery slope, and we gradually enter the inevitable game of cat and mouse between cops and criminals. A game that no one ever emerges from unscathed.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. On the Eve of Carnage

    In the muddy field of a dairy farm at dawn, a man and a woman lie on the ground, dead. The woman who was preparing a “surprise” in the Laurentians sadly found herself a victim of this tragedy. Constance Forest, Chief Investigator of the Mascouche Regional Bureau believes that there is another victim to be discovered, a Nancy Lebeau-Pratt. Who is responsible for this slaughter?

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  • 2. The Hours Before the Explosion

    An explosion in Joël Savard’s trailer! Another victim of Chose-Pet. Important witnesses are added to the list.

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  • 3. The Day Before the 4 th Murder

    Constance and her team are now leading three investigations: a triple murder, Sylvain’s attempted murder and the trailer explosion. The list of suspects is only getting longer! Constance has good reason to believe that Marlène, Mike Pratt’s accountant and mistress, is implicated in her lover’s shenanigans.

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  • 4. The Hours Before the Clues are Erased

    Constance sowed doubt in Mike Pratt’s head during his interrogation. Did Marlène order Nancy’s murder behind her lover’s back? Rodrige Rancourt’s disappearance remains a mystery for the squad.

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  • 5. Untitled 1

    The police identify the suspects in Sylvain’s attempted murder, brothers Mathieu and Dwayne Henri. Frédérik interrogates one of them to try and unmask who ordered the botched assassination.

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  • 6. Untitled 2

    Frédérik interrogates Sylvain, showing him the suspicious video under Constance’s troubled watch. The police are convinced that there was a dead body in the truck and Frédérik is certain that the body is Rodrigue Rancourt since he was the one who ordered Sylvain’s murder.

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  • 7. The Hours Before the Revenge

    The American police lose Yvan-Gilles and Joël Savard’s trail. Mike is still a prisoner in Éric Charbonneau’s basement. Will he make it out alive? Constance and Jonas go to the office of Pratt’s Doors and Windows to question Marlène. She seems very worried and upset by Mike’s disappearance, but Constance is wary of biker Éric Charbonneau’s sister… Rodrigue Rancourt’s unsolved disappearance still hangs over the squad.

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  • 8. The Hours Before the Set-Up

    Frédérik Bérubé has wanted to meet Anne Dupuis since he found out she was the one who parked Rodrigue’s car at the casino. Constance panics. With this new information, there are more chances that Sylvain is somehow implicated in Rodrigue Rancourt’s murder. She removes herself from the investigation and concentrates on Jonas’ new person of interest who holds important information.

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  • 9. The Day Before the Big Discovery

    The American police confirm that Yvan-Gilles gave accurate information to the Mascouche team: they found Joël Savard’s body! As American investigators gather solid evidence against Éric Charbonneau, Frédérik and Constance have to keep an eye on him. Uncle Savard offers to tell Constance and Jonas everything he knows in exchange for money.

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  • 10. The Day Before the Final Deaths

    Rancourt’s body was found on Anne Dupuis’ property. Constance, Frédérik Bérubé, Jonas and Antoine must arrest Anne Dupuis and Mike Pratt, since they found bits of Rancourt’s body in Mike’s car. But Constance has a hard time believing that Mike is mixed up in this. She thinks it’s more like a set-up.

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