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Following Folk takes us on a journey to discover the artists who are redefining folk music today. Featuring in-depth interviews and intimate performances, this series is a treat for all music lovers.

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  • 1. Allison Russell & Allison de Groot

    Montreal’s Allison Russell is a pillar of Americana music. She joins forces with another Canadian expat, Winnipeg’s Allison de Groot, in Nashville for a very special impromptu banjo duet.

  • 2. Beatrice Deer

    Inuktitut legends and throat singing meet guitars and synths as Beatrice Deer creates her own sound known as “Inuindie." Through traditions and live performance, Deer manifests her profound strength.

  • 3. Sister Ray

    Ella Coyes’ raw, unflinching songwriting, was born out of a childhood enriched by Métis music. With their project Sister Ray, Coyes shares their secrets through song at a legendary Toronto folk club.

  • 4. The East Pointers

    After the sudden death of band member Koady, The East Pointers reevaluate their drive. Finding comfort in music, this pop/folk group layers tracks recorded before Koady passed into a posthumous album.

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