For Dad, With Love

Alexander began growing his hair soon after his father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Four years later, he decides that it’s time to cut and donate his hair. Reflecting on the past and present, Alex reveals that he’s nervous about letting go of something he’s become so comfortable with. His long hair started as a contest between friends, a bet about who could grow it the longest. Alexander’s hair is now long enough to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society. But before Alex cuts off all his hair, he wants to have a little fun. He decides to have his hair braided at Bea’s Braiding, a local salon. After a few hours in the chair, he finds that the braids actually suit him. He shows off his new look in a photo shoot organized by his girlfriend and family; it’s a chance for Alex to express his old self and document his long hair one last time. There’s only one person who can cut Alex’s hair: Jerome Pinsonneault. Jerome occupies a special place in the family; he had cut Alex’s father’s hair for over 30 years. Jerome generously offers to cut Alex’s hair and shape what’s left into a new doo. For Alexander, his hair represents grief, death, love and family. Confronting his own inner struggles to let it all go symbolizes the end of a long grieving process and opens up a new chapter in his life.

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