Follow Anishinaabe chef Shawn Adler into nature as he forages for unique wild foods that grow all around us. From wild ginger to burdock root, Shawn explores — and cooks with — hidden delights that can be found across Canada in each season of the year.

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  • 1. Fall

    Fall is a time of harvest. Chef Shawn Adler takes a trip through the woods to find unique wild edibles, and shows us how to turn them into autumnal treats.

  • 2. Winter

    Winter isn’t known as a bountiful season, but Shawn puts his heart into catching fish and finding unexpected flavourings that grow all year long.

  • 3. Spring

    With warmer weather comes a bounty of exciting wild ingredients to harvest and devour. Shawn takes us back to nature, and provides a primer on finding wild food in a big city.

  • 4. Summer

    In the heat of the summer, Shawn heads out to find vibrant flavours that inspire unique takes on classic recipes.

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