Forces of Nature

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How can we change the world? Meet the innovators who are imagining a better future through sustainable technology. A Paid Content series by BMW.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Renewable Energy with Darrell Brown

    Darrell Brown is bringing renewable energy to remote Indigenous communities across Canada with his company Kisik Clean Energy. A Paid Content series by BMW.

  • 2. Sustainable Materials with Ran Goel

    Ran Goel is the founder of Fresh City Farms, and left a high paying job on Wall Street to devote himself to urban farming, cultivating a new way to feed cities. A Paid Content series by BMW.

  • 3. Supply Chain Sustainability with Mike Williamson

    Former Navy Commander Mike Williamson leads Cascadia Seaweed, creating better supply chains for this ecologically significant crop by growing sustainably in B.C. A Paid Content series by BMW.

  • 4. Emissions Reductions with Cameron Jones, Bryce Jones and Angelique Ahlstrom

    The founders of Flash Forest believe that reforestation might be one of the most effective ways to tackle CO2 emissions - and they're starting with drone technology. A Paid Content series by BMW.

  • 5. Circular Economy with Jason Hawkins and Anastasia Kiku

    After the explosion of single use plastics during the pandemic, Jason and Anastasia teamed up to create Reusables - building circular economy, one meal at a time. A Paid Content series by BMW.

  • 6. Innovative Technology with Robert Kabera

    Robert came to America as a refugee. Now, his innovative technology, Sync Energy AI, works to manage risk and predict vulnerabilities of vegetation near power grids. A Paid Content series by BMW.

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