Frick, I Love Nature

Host, Gordie Lucius goes on a grand adventure to learn everything he can about nature. Where did life come from? Why are animal’s genitals so weird? Look out Attenborough, there’s a new kid in town.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. ANTS!

    Gordie sticks his hand in an ant hill, wages ant war and learns where ants get the nerve.

  • 2. City Animals

    Gordie climbs into a garbage can, learns about geese and chills with some city racoons.

  • 3. Incredible Aquatic Camouflage

    Gordie pets an octopus, learns about sneaky lil’ ocean animals, and goes invisible.

  • 4. How Microbes Rule Your World

    Gordie gets rabies, learns about the origin of all life and takes some poo pills.

  • 5. The Evolutionary Dance of Genitals

    Gordie penis fences a biologist, learns about sperm selection and giant hyena clitorises.

  • 6. Can Animals be Deceptive?

    Gordie pranks a scientist, learns about tricky beetles and that cuttlefish aren’t fish.

  • 7. How Animals Navigate their Worlds

    Gordie goes hang gliding, learns about magic pigeons and freaky tentacle noses.

  • 8. What Lives in the Arctic?

    Gordie sniffs some polar bear fur, goes dog sledding, and discovers that lemmings are a lie.

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