Fridge Wars

Celebrity chefs battle weekly in a culinary showdown to win over the taste buds of families using only the ingredients found in their fridges. The chefs’ goal: win the title of Fridge Wars champion.

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    Hosted by Emma Hunter (Mr. D, The Beaverton), FRIDGE WARS pits two celebrity chefs against one another with a challenge to create extraordinary meals using only the ingredients taken from the ordinary fridges of Canadian families.

  • 1. Matt Basile vs. Massimo Capra

    Things get heated in the kitchen when chefs Matt Basile and Massimo Capra roast each others’ cooking chops. The Ramsays are a fit fam who want their active lifestyle reflected in the food they eat, while the Fuentes-Pinos’ diverse palates challenge the chefs with an unexpected twist.

  • 2. Shahir Massoud vs. Wallace Wong

    Chef Shahir Massoud and Chef Wallace Wong fire it up in this week's competition. A group of roommates want to know how to love their leftovers. While the Young family hopes to diversify their son’s carb-heavy diet.

  • 3. Nicole Gomes vs. Dustin Gallagher

    Chefs Nicole Gomes and Dustin Gallagher cook up their best strategies to please the eclectic families. The McCoubrey family can’t seem to find the time or the right menu to have the whole family sit down for a meal. While, the Phung-Johannsson’s Vietnamese and Icelandic backgrounds make for a memorable mashup in their fridge.

  • 4. La-Toya Fagon vs. Julie Miguel

    Chefs La-Toya Fagon and Julie Miguel battle it out to see who can win the Fridge Wars title. It's dad’s week to cook in the Allen-Stevenson household and mom is a tough cookie to please. The Wardens have raised their youngest with seasoned palate, but will the chefs expect the unexpected?

  • 5. Nadia G vs. Rodney Bowers

    In this episode chefs Nadia G and Rodney Bowers sizzle while competing for the top spot on Fridge Wars. The Mulrain vegan parents hope the chefs can convince their kids to leave behind their meaty cravings, while grandma Kent wants more inspired meals for her family.

  • 6. Shane Chartrand vs. Joshna Maharaj

    Chefs Shane Chartrand and Joshna Maharaj face off in this episode. The Estabrooks hope the chefs can use what dad buys from the grocery store in a palatable way. Then later- Canadian Beach Volleyball World Champions Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes, athletes at the top of their game, hope their olympic-sized appetites can be satisfied.

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