Friends and Allies

Being Black in Canada presents a special series about Black Canadians and their trusted allies.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Friends & Allies: Cameron Bailey And Sally Lee

    TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey and his longtime friend Sally Lee found allyship in their journey breaking barriers in the arts industry.

  • 2. Friends & Allies: Kayla Alexander And Nicole Murphy

    Former WNBA star Kayla Alexander and Nicole Murphy bonded over basketball as kids. Thanks to a lifelong friendship, Kayla also found she could rely on Nicole as an ally.

  • 3. Friends & Allies: Alexandra Bastiany And Virginie Clavel

    Dr. Alexandra Bastiany made history in a field that lacks representation and found allyship in her friend and colleague, Dr. Virginie Clavel, who created space for her to breathe.

  • 4. Friends & Allies: Cicely Belle Blain And Becca Schwenk

    Cicely Belle Blain and Becca Schwenk forged a connection through their shared passion for social justice. Their allyship is active and grew from a foundation of camaraderie and solidarity.

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