Future History

Future History follows two passionate, and polar opposite, Anishinaabe (Ojibway) hosts as they venture into their community to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous Knowledge and the movement of cultural revitalization. For generations, across North America, Indigenous People have been reeling from the devastating effects of colonialism that has left children, language, ceremony and culture at risk. But today, a movement of reclamation and revitalization is being led by Indigenous People who are harnessing Indigenous Knowledge as a way to shift the colonial paradigm and build a brighter future for the next generation. From Arts and Science to the Justice System, the resurgence of Indigenous Knowledge is stronger than ever. Future History is a journey of discovery through an Indigenous lens, a journey that will inspire and enlighten audiences of all ages.

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Episodes Season 2

  • Trailer

    Kris Nahrgang is an archeologist who is reclaiming his Indigenous identity. Sarain Fox is an Indigenous activist and artist. They have been paired together to explore their own identity biases.

  • 1. Awaken

    Kris and Sarain begin this season’s journey exploring their individual paths. Kris delves into his family history with his uncle Mike McMillian and his mother Margaret Clark. Sarain prepares her medicine bundle with her mother, Traditional Practitioner Banakonda Kish.

  • 2. Rematriate

    Kris travels to Manitoulin Island for “The Unceded Journey,” a guided walking tour that memorializes historical landmarks in the community. Sarain meets with 13-year old Water Activist and Cultural Warrior Autumn Peltier and joins her and her family in a Water Ceremony.

  • 3. Rebuild

    Kris visits the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation on M’Chigeeng First Nation, an organization that houses their own artifacts and creates projects of repatriation, education, and excavation. Sarain sits down with Jesse Unapik Mike, Moriah Sallaffie and members of the Qanak Collective to discuss the importance of a political and cultural hub for this small Inuit community in Iqaluit.

  • 4. Reimagine

    Kris takes part in a Wampum Belt & Treaty Teaching Workshop with Artist Brenda Lee and Journalist/Educator Maurice Switzer in North Bay. Sarain discusses reclaiming the agency of representation with Artists/Youth Arts Activists Chief Lady Bird and Aura Last in Toronto.

  • 5. Reframe

    Kris joins Brandon Oolayou, Inuk from Frobisher Bay, on a seal hunt and Nellie Kusugak, Commissioner of Nunavut, shares what life is like in Nunavut. Sarain discusses issues of suicide in the North with Inuk Workshop Facilitator Adam Akpik of Embrace Life Council, an organization focusing on suicide prevention, intervention and post-intervention for Inuit youth in Iqaluit.

  • 6. Revitalize

    Kris sits with Elder Advocate Meeka Mike and learns about her fight to protect Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit Knowledge.) Sarain throws herself into an improvisation game with theatre students at Debajehmujig Creation Centre on Manitoulin Island, a training school and touring company who are Indigenizing the theatre creation process.

  • 7. Reclaim

    Kris gets a personal tour from Park Manager Jeff Monague, who takes Kris on a survival skills walk-in Springwater Park near Barrie, Ontario. Our team joins Sarain on her tour of Fatty Legs, a choral performance about Residential School that she co-created with Xara Choral Theatre. Kris and Sarain are invited into the jewelry workshop of Metal Artist, Sculptor and Educator Mathew Nuqingaq, owner of Aayuraa Studio in Iqaluit.

  • 8. Recover

    Kris visits the Haudenosaunee Longhouses in the interactive museum of Ska-nah-doht Village in the Lower Thames Valley. Sarain tackles the famous Cup and Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island as part of the Great Spirit Circle Trail, a tour guide company that is reframing the way tourists experience the land.

  • 9. Redefine

    Kris learns about the ancient practice of pictographs from Artist, Activist and Anishnaabe Knowledge Keeper Isaac Murdoch. Sarain goes to North Bay and visits with K’Tigaaning Midwives who are Indigenizing childbirth and the Western practice of prenatal care. Kris and Sarain join award-winning writer and podcaster Ryan McMahon in studio and learn about the power of digital storytelling.

  • 10. Renew

    Kris meets with Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow, the first-ever Associate Curator of Historical Indigenous Art at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Sarain does a radio interview with Author/Journalist and CBC radio host Waubgeshig Rice and joins him for a book reading of his new novel “Moon of the Crusted Snow” at Laurentian University. Kris and Sarain visit Tumikuluit Saipaaqivik, Iqaluit’s first Inuktitut Daycare, and talk with Executive Director Celina Kalluk who is empowering the next generation of Inuktitut speakers.

  • 11. Restore

    Kris gets a personal tour by brother/sister scholars Jade and Mitch Huguenin who are largely responsible for the inclusion of Metis history and knowledge in the historical site of Discovery Harbour in Penetanguishene. Sarain gets her groove on in the home recording studio of award-winning Anishnaabe family band Digging Roots and discusses their land-based approach to music composition.

  • 12. Replenish

    Kris walks through the Sheguiandah Quarry on Manitoulin Island, an unmarked prehistoric site that proves Indigenous settlement since the Ice Age. Sarain visits with Anishnaabe Singer/Drummer/Teacher Tasheena Sarazin who creates safe places for women around the drum, on the pow wow trail, and in their own families and communities.

  • 13. Paradigm Shift

    Kris goes to Ottawa to meet Elaine Kicknosway, 60’s Scoop Advocate and Co-Founder of The National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network whose work gives survivors a voice and platform in their fight for recognition, justice and reconciliation.

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