Gary's Magic Fort

Gary’s Magic Fort is the enchanted pillow fort home of Gary the Unicorn and a perfectly plush place to help preschoolers navigate the world of emotions.

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    Gary’s Magic Fort is the enchanted pillow fort home of Gary the Unicorn and a perfectly plush place to help preschoolers navigate the world of emotions.

  • 1. Gary Makes the Rules

    Gary and Stuffy are running a race, but when Stuffy is faster than Gary, he changes the rules to get ahead. With help from his friends, Gary learns that if he plays fair, the game would be more fun.

  • 2. Gary Rocks

    Gary has a cool new drum to rock out on, but he gets so caught up in the fun that he forgets to let anyone else have a turn. Gary learns that taking turns makes the game fun for everyone.

  • 3. Gary's Block Tower

    When Gary plays with Sir Cushington's prize building blocks too roughly, Gary learns that taking care of someone else's things shows he cares for his friends too.

  • 4. Gary Tries Again

    When Gary has trouble writing his name for the first time, he declares he will never, ever try again. Gary's friends help him learn that practicing a new skill can be fun too.

  • 5. Gary Finds Forgiveness

    When Stuffy loses Gary's favourite box of crayons, Gary has a hard time forgiving him and moving on. With help from Huggles, Gary learns that forgiveness helps everyone get back to the fun.

  • 6. Gary's Danciest Dance Move

    When Gary and Sir Cushington disagree on how to dance "the right way", Stuffy gets stuck in the middle! Gary learns if he and Sir Cushington put their ideas together, they can all have fun dancing.

  • 7. Gary's Fake Cake

    When Gary gets caught up in the fibs he told about forgetting Stuffy's birthday, he must reflect on the reasons why he chose to lie. Gary learns that telling the truth is the right thing to do.

  • 8. Gary's Change-a-roo

    When Sir Cushington goes on vacation, Lady Cushington fills in, but Gary doesn’t like the way she uses the Wall of Wonder. Gary realizes that if he is open to change, you can still have fun!

  • 9. Gary Gets the Goodbye Blues

    Gary gets invited to a sleepover at Gramma's house, but he doesn't want to leave any of the fun behind, including his friends. Gary learns to say "see you later" so he can go have fun at Gramma’s.

  • 10. Gary's Tent Troubles

    When Gary doesn't follow the instructions, he has a hard time putting up his tent. With Huggle's help he learns that sometimes following the instructions is the best way to get the result you want.

  • 11. Gary Asks for Help

    Gary has plans to paint the best picture of the Magic Fort ever, but determined to be a "painting pro", he refuses to ask for help. Gary’s friends show him that sometimes everyone needs a bit of help.

  • 12. Game On Gary

    When Gary and Sir Cushington play a two-friend game, Stuffy feels left out and wrecks their play. Gary learns that with a bit of creativity, you can adjust a game to include everyone.

  • 13. Gary's Green Thumb

    Gary tries gardening but becomes impatient when the seeds take longer than he expected to grow. Gary learns the importance of patience and finds ways to pass the time - good things come in the end!

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