The hit series, Ghosts, returns for a second season. Young couple Mike and Alison continue to cope with the challenge of refurbishing a grand old mansion infested with ghosts.

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    A cash-strapped young couple inherits a grand country house, only to find it is both falling apart and teeming with the ghosts of former inhabitants.

  • 1. The Grey Lady

    Alison and Mike are trying to find a semi-harmonious routine with the ghostly housemates of Button House and are working towards a new money-making venture to fund their perpetual renovations. But after a paranormal photo of the house goes viral, Alison and Mike spot their opportunity to bring money in more quickly by using the ghosts’ “talents” to create an authentic haunted house experience. Will they be able to convince the ghosts to help them?

  • 2. About Last Night

    After a night of partying, Alison and Mike scramble to clean up the house for a venue viewing, and Alison tries to find out why the ghosts are acting so strangely.

  • 3. Redding Weddy

    Alison and Mike grapple with the latest obstacle to nailing down an event booking, but they’re stymied by the Captain’s past coming back to haunt him. As the other ghosts also get underfoot, Pat tries to support Alison in any way he can, acting as referee to the ghosts’ fight over how they’re going to spend their evening. Meanwhile, Lady Button is confused by urges she hasn’t felt before.

  • 4. The Thomas Thorne Affair

    A discovery in the house leads Thomas to go down memory lane, but as Alison comes to realise, memory and reality don’t always go hand in hand, especially when there are ghostly witnesses eager to tell their own version of events. Meanwhile, Mike struggles with his own distorted memories of Alison’s past, and dreads confronting an old adversary.

  • 5. Bump In The Night

    It’s the first time Mike has been left alone with the ghosts at night, but he assures Alison she should have a night out and let her hair down. The ghosts happily pass the time with music club, but they’re interrupted by some uninvited guests. It becomes the ghosts’ mission to try to alert Mike and figure out how to protect the house from the intruders.

  • 6. Perfect Day

    The big day has arrived at Button House, but some freak weather disrupts everyone’s plans. Can Mike, Alison, and the ghosts rally to pull off what they’ve been working so hard to achieve? The Captain is in his element with the emergency preparations to the house, but Pat is distracted by an unexpected reminder of his past. Meanwhile, Lady Button is aghast at what Alison is allowing to take place at Button House.

  • 7. Festive Special

    It’s Christmas at Button House, and Mike is determined to make it perfect for his family. However his plan to make his parents relax and do nothing may be optimistic. Alison is also determined to deliver the best Christmas ever for the living and the dead, although the latter aren’t filled with festive cheer. Christmas just isn’t that much fun when you’re deceased. Julian is confronted with past wrongs and has a revelation that could help the ghosts rediscover the real message of Christmas.

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