Gisele's Mashup Adventures

What happens when you mix and mash together a spaceship, a sloth, and a pineapple? A cookie, a deer, and an earring? A whale, Egypt, and a seashell? You get a mashup of wacky, wonderful fun! Gisele’s Mashup Adventures is an animated upper preschool series where each 3-minute episode takes inspiration from the creative ideas of children from diverse cultures and backgrounds. When Gisele’s Mashup Mixer is fed a curated collection of the child’s ideas (keywords), the mixer whirs and stirs, as it concocts and transports the child and Gisele on a silly, hilarious, adventure!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Cookie, Deer, Earring

    Gisele and Addison land in a cookie factory and not only do they discover that Addison lost her earring, but they also find a deer-feeding snack machine!

  • 2. Mix and Mash with Addison

    Gisele and Addison discuss visiting a factory that makes giant cookies.

  • 3. Spaceship, Sloth, Pineapple

    When Gisele and Brandon travel in a spaceship with Snoozer, a slow-moving sloth, they visit Pineapple Planet and discover that drinking the local pineapple juice speeds up sloths.

  • 4. Mix and Mash with Brandon

    Gisele and Brandon imagine having an adventure on a spaceship and meeting strange and wonderful creatures.

  • 5. Pizza, Train, Dinosaur

    Gisele and Luke board a train to Station Cloud Nine and meet a hungry dinosaur who follows them to a cave where they place an order for four hundred pizzas to feed it.

  • 6. Mix and Mash with Luke

    Gisele and Luke imagine riding on a magical flying train finding a dinosaur.

  • 7. Whale, Egypt, Seashell

    Gisele and Nendia land in Egypt and enlist the help of a whale to help a little mummy find its way back to its mommy, just in time for lunch.

  • 8. Mix and Mash with Nendia

    Nendia shares her love of ancient Egypt and finding seashells with Gisele.

  • 9. Skis, Snowman, Hoop

    To bring a snowman to safety on Uphill Hill, Skye and Gisele use jetpacks, skis, a hoop, and Skye's aerial gymnastic tricks!

  • 10. Mix and Mash with Skye

    Skye shows Gisele some fantastic moves on her aerial hoop while they imagine a snowy adventure together.

  • 11. Button, Water, Vine

    Gisele and Graham imagine swinging on vines like monkeys and in a magical forest.

  • 12. Mix and Mash with Graham

    Gisele and Graham find themselves in a dehydrated Rainforest. They find a way to water it and bring it back to life.

  • 13. Penguin, Rollercoaster, Pumpkin

    Hugo and Gisele are transported to a giant pumpkin patch on Halloween where they compete with a penguin-costumed kid over who will win the treasure - a delicious pumpkin pie.

  • 14. Mix and Mash with Hugo

    Hugo and Gisele imagine going to a penguin’s Halloween party and riding on a giant roller coaster.

  • 15. Island, Elves, Baseball

    Gisele and Michaela land on Best Friend Island and help some baseball-playing elves find their missing ball.

  • 16. Mix and Mash with Michaela

    Gisele and Michaela imagine travelling to friendship island and doing best-friend things together.

  • 17. Magnets, Elephant, Fort

    When Gisele and Kaia's sand elephant comes to life, they need to stop him from trampling the beach.

  • 18. Mix and Mash with Kaia

    Kaia and Gisele imagine a beach adventure with a rainbow elephant named Gerald.

  • 19. Campsite, Cheese, Unicorn

    When the quiet of their campsite is disrupted by a strange animal sound, Gisele and Eliot investigate, and soon find themselves helping an unusual unicorn get back home to the moon!

  • 20. Mix and Mash with Eliot

    Gisele and Eliot imagine a magical camping trip where they discover a singing unicorn.

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