When retaining a suspicious truck from Denmark at Gothenburg Harbor, the Swedish police officer Eva makes a terrifying discovery in a hidden compartment - a fully armed missile.

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    When retaining a suspicious truck from Denmark at Gothenburg Harbor, the Swedish police officer Eva makes a terrifying discovery in a hidden compartment - a fully armed missile. The situation escalates into gunfire and two people are shot dead. A Danish-Swedish anti-terror unit led by Eva and Danish PET officer Jesper is appointed to identify the possible motive behind the presence of the powerful missile and assess the possible terror threat.

  • 1. The Takeover

    After a tip from German BND the Swedish security police SÄPO find a bomb-head hidden in a truck at the customs. One of the smugglers escapes police.

  • 2. First Mission

    Victoria wakes up confused, scared and with her hands tied on her back. Iyad shows her a live feed of her son, Oskar. If she doesn’t do what he asks her to, Oskar will be killed. A terrified Victoria sees no other way, than to do what he tells her.

  • 3. The Return

    In order to have full control of Victoria and start the next phase of the plan, lyad has taken Victoria hostage in her own home. They drive to the airport, to pick up her son, Oskar, who has returned from Paris unexpectedly. She introduces Iyad to Oskar as an old friend, who will stay with them for a few days. Back at the apartment, Iyad forces Victoria to show him how to control a drone, using the software for the flight controller that Victoria has developed.

  • 4. A Chance

    The dead driver from Gothenburg harbour has several times earlier travelled on the same flights between Copenhagen and Stockholm as Victoria Rahbek, and Jesper is determined to question her.

  • 5. Recruited

    Victoria tests the flight controller. Its security system prevents it from flying over no-fly zones. In order to make it fully functional, she needs a security code from her Swedish colleague Linda.

  • 6. Double Agent

    As Eva and Jesper close in on Iyad’s terrorist cell, they force Victoria to act as a double agent. She is to act as if nothing has happened and continue to steal equipment from SparrowSat, while reporting back to Jesper and Eva about Iyad’s terrorist network. One misstep can have fatal consequences for Victoria and Oskar. Victoria continues to prepare the flight controller while discreetly trying to get as much information from Iyad about the terror plans as possible.

  • 7. The Sacrifice

    Victoria manages to establish audio surveillance on Iyad’s phone. PET and SÄPO are now able to track everything he does. While Victoria once again travels to SparrowSat, Iyad stays at home with Oskar. A close bond is slowly growing between Iyad and Oskar, which worry Victoria.

  • 8. Survival Skills

    Following the death of Linda, Iyad contacts Al-Shishani. He’s afraid that Victoria isn’t able to complete the task. PET and SÄPO also question Victoria’s mental health. They need to work fast if they don’t want to loose her.

  • 9. Simone

    Tensions are high when Victoria and Iyad wakes up the next day. Victoria’s part in Iyad’s plan is almost complete and they head back to Copenhagen. PET and SÄPO have located one of Iyad’s accomplices and gain access to his apartment to set up surveillance. But when he returns to the apartment he instantly notices that someone has been there. And so, plan B is set in motion.

  • 10. A New World

    SÄPO and the PET are in high alert. Both police authorities locally and nationally have been activated and the military is on standby. They know where the attack is planned to happen, and everyone is working feverishly to locate Victoria and Iyad.

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