Halifax Comedy Festival

Shot in various locations in and around Halifax the series features the best in stand-up comedy from Canada and the United States hosted by Mark Critch (22 Minutes).

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Episodes Season 22

  • 1. Featuring Mark Critch

    Series’ host Mark Critch (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) thinks Tim Horton’s should be the distributor for legalized marijuana…it’s about time they let us really roll something up! With appearances by Eman El-Husseini, K. Trevor Wilson, Mike Delamont, JR DeGuzman, Charlie Demers, Ted Morris, Kyle Brownrigg, Darryl Orr, Landry, Matt Wright, and Nigel Grinstead.

  • 2. Featuring Mike Delamont

    This episode of Ha!ifax Comedy Fest, Mike Delamont goes skydiving, Derek Seguin says turning 40 sucks and Debra DiGiovanni remembers when porn had a story. With appearances by John Wing, DJ Demers, Chantel Marostica, Erica Sigurdson, Matt Falk, and Charles Haycock.

  • 3. Featuring Ted Morris

    Comedian Ted Morris, a small animal vet by day, just diagnosed his first high cat! With appearances by Godfrey, Erica Sigurdson, John Beuhler, Trent McClellan, Sterling Scott, DJ Demers, Jay Malone, Rob Bebenek, and Carol Zoccoli.

  • 4. Featuring John Buehler

    John Beuhler thinks being single is horrible. With appearances by Steve Patterson, Jay Malone, K. Trevor Wilson, JR DeGuzman, Eman El-husseini, Ted Morris, Darryl Orr, and Matt Wright.

  • 5. Featuring K. Trevor Wilson

    This episode of Ha!ifax Comedy Fest, K. Trevor Wilson loves Canada but says 8 months of the year the weather seriously suggests we move. With appearances by Mike Delamont, Ryan Belleville, Landry, Godfrey, John Beuhler, JR DeGuzman, Matt O’Brien, and Nigel Grinstead.

  • 6. Featuring Debra DiGiovanni

    Debra DiGiovanni’s new roommate is a boy. With appearances by Kyle Brownrigg, Landry, Ryan Belleville, JR DeGuzman, Charlie Demers, Charles Haycock, and Keith Pedro.

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