Halifax Comedy Festival

Shot in various locations in and around Halifax the series features the best in stand-up comedy from Canada and the United States hosted by Mark Critch (22 Minutes).

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Episodes Season 21

  • 1. Featuring Mark Critch

    It’s a brand new season of the Ha!ifax Comedy Festival Series with host Mark Critch (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) kicking off the 21st Season with his pitch perfect impression of Justin Trudeau in both official languages, Erin Foley is horrified that she’s allergic to gluten, and Nathan Macintosh is addicted to watching prison documentaries. Also appearing: Derek Edwards, Jean Paul, Trent McLellan, Dave Hemstad, Sean Lecomber, John Sheehan, Rob Bebenek, Adrian Cronk, Chris James, and Mayce Galoni.

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  • 2. Featuring Chuck Byrn

    Chuck Byrn thinks having America as our neighbor is a little bit like "livin’ next to a biker gang," Bob Marley has to deal with the furnace repair man, and John Sheehan gets pulled over, again! Also appearing: Derek Edwards, Julie Kim, John Cullen, Nathan Macintosh, and Michelle Shaughnessy.

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  • 3. Featuring Trent McClellan

    Trent McClellan is feeling nostalgic for jaw breakers and crazy carpets, Rich Hall’s American neighbor is going duck hunting with an assault weapon, and Jean Paul rewrites his wedding vows. Also appearing: Elvira Kurt, Adrian Cronk, Erin Foley, Darryl Orr, Chris James, and Kyle Hickey.

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  • 4. Featuring Derek Edwards

    Derek Edwards has slipped on the ice so many times he has categories for them, Bob Marley loses hours to Facebook, and Chris James wonders what they’re doing with our tax dollars. Also appearing: Rich Hall, Nathan Macintosh, Trent McClellan, Tim Steeves, Aisha Alfa, Graham Kay, Ivan Decker, and Darryl Orr.

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  • 5. Featuring Tim Steeves

    Tim Steeves thinks we’re getting soft, Mike Wilmot’s tired of vegans, vegetarians, and grain fed people, and Nathan Macintosh admits that not all conversations with his girlfriend are fun. Also appearing: Bob Marley, Jean Paul, Erin Foley, Adrian Cronk, Graham Kay, John Cullen, Ivan Decker, Darryl Orr, Caitlin Langelier, and Laura Kitelinger.

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  • 6. Featuring Dave Hemstad

    Dave Hemstad thinks Cinderella is a terrible story for little girls, Cathy Jones writes a letter to Tinder, and Rich Hall thinks Bob Dylan kinda sucks. Also appearing: Mike Wilmot, Nathan Macintosh, Kyle Hickey, Adrian Cronk, Sean Lecomber, Sean Cullen, and Mayce Galoni.

    Leaving in 5 days

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