Hatching, Matching, and Dispatching

In outport Newfoundland, it is often left to one enterprising family to literally taxi the residents of the town from cradle to grave - offering wedding, funeral and ambulance services.

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Episodes Season 1

  • Shake ‘em, Wake ‘em, & Bake ‘em (Pilot)

    A wedding in the small town of Cat Gut Cove takes a downward turn when the Father of the Bride drops dead at the reception. Things get even worse when the Brides water breaks in the middle of the dance floor.

  • 1. Over and Over with Someone You Love

    The Furey’s host a same-sex wedding but the groom’s mother thinks it’s a traditional straight wedding. Darlene is tasked with preparing the body of a recently deceased former teacher who gave her a hard time in school.

  • 2. Just Lie There and Get Rotted

    Darlene and Myrna have an idea to expand the family business by offering pole dancing lessons for brides-to-be. A client wants to have his wake, while he’s still alive so that he can enjoy it. Todd loses a cat and delivers a baby.

  • 3. Show Up, Shut Up and Wear Beige

    The boys go moose hunting again, but this time Cyril gets lucky. Myrna and Todd decide to use the upcoming Mulroney wedding as a chance to tape a reality show pitch for “Real Newfoundland Weddings”.

  • 4. Are You Hitler’s Mother?

    Troy debuts his Wedding Band and they are a hit, but only with the bride. The family holds an mintervention for Phonse and he promises not to drink anymore. Mamie Lou gives Todd a lesson in ambulance driving. Back in the funeral parlour, the Warford widows bond over their mutual distain for their late husband.

  • 5. The Dead Don’t Care

    The Fureys host a traditional Chinese wedding. Following a violent encounter with business competitors, the Thorne Brothers while on a call, Todd’s bad day is only getting worse. Alma makes moves to secure her place in the family business.

  • 6. A Hard-Old Go For Mudder

    Mamie Lou comforts Frank at his Mother’s funeral. Later, at Cyril and Debbie’s wedding reception, the groom makes a special toast to his best man. Will Darlene forgive Nick for his infidelity?

  • 7. A Christmas Fury

    A Hatching, Matching, and Dispatching Christmas movie.

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