Hello (Again)

Sparks fly as a line cook crashes into a medical resident, igniting a whirlwind romance until things sour. A mischievous supernatural girl hurls the chef back in time for a second chance at love.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Chapter 1: Chicken

    Jayden and Avery meet by chance in a park. Sparks fly as a whirlwind romance begins… and ends.

  • 2. Chapter 2: Creepy Girl

    7 months pass, Jayden wallows in post-breakup blues. He saves a mysterious girl, who may just save him back.

  • 3. Chapter 3: Hello Again

    Jayden is thrown back in time, where he tries to fix his relationship with Avery but it doesn’t go as he hoped.

  • 4. Chapter 4: Side Guy

    Jayden discovers he was the side guy and must cook his way back into Avery’s heart.

  • 5. Chapter 5: Perfect Date

    Jayden tries to recreate the perfect first date with Avery while fending off distractions from Willa.

  • 6. Chapter 6: Again and Again

    Jayden is stuck in an infinite time loop, trying to make his destiny with Avery. But destined for failure.

  • 7. Chapter 7: Jayden and Avery 2.0

    Jayden and Avery are a thing again! Even his Mom is cheering them on. Until Willa shows up. Again.

  • 8. Chapter 8: Patterns

    The vegan dim sum food truck is all the rage, then Jayden realizes he needs a chance to re-do all over again.

  • 9. Chapter 9: Dr. Chau

    Jayden repairs a vital family relationship. But will he have enough time before Willa shows up again?

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