Hello Kitty: Superstyle

Hello Kitty is the friendliest face in the tight-knit community of Cherry Town. With a blend of kindness, spirit and determination, Hello Kitty helps her friends find happiness while putting on the most appropriate (and cutest) outfits to face each situation.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 20. Tiny Frido, Big World

    Feeling overlooked by Zonty, Frido decides to run away, but she accidentally miniaturizes herself and ends up getting lost. Detective Kitty must figure out what happened and find her.

  • 21. Hicc-up-staged

    The Beaver Triplets are getting ready to take the stage for a big performance when a bad case of the hiccups gets in the way of their dance moves! The show will be cancelled unless Pop Star Kitty can help!

  • 22. The Bowterfly Effect

    When Pinky brings the Queen Bowterfly to Cherry Town, the rest of the bowterflies follow and wreak havoc on their path. Explorer Kitty must guide them back to the forest.

  • 23. King Badtz Rules

    Badtz-Maru has found an ancient crown that makes anyone follow his commands. Explorer Kitty must snatch it back from Badtz-Maru and take it back to the Penguinese temple.

  • 24. Daredevil Rio

    Rio asks Keroppi to hypnotize him to be brave. It works too well and Rio ends up in danger. Athlete Kitty helps him find the courage that was always in him to bring him back to safety.

  • 26. Smoothie Moves

    Nori's new smoothie is so popular, he can't keep up with all the orders. Chef Kitty steps up to run the smoothie stand while Nori goes on a break.

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