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Here & Queer is an interview series hosted by Peter Knegt that celebrates and amplifies the work of our greatest LGBTQ artists through unfiltered conversations. First season guests include Billy Eichner, Tegan & Sara, Bilal Baig, Matt Rogers, and Lido Pimienta.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Billy Eichner

    Bros star and co-writer Billy Eichner on the long journey to making his big gay Hollywood rom com.

  • 2. Tegan & Sara

    High School subjects Tegan and Sara on turning their own teenagehoods (and the origins of their music career) into an acclaimed TV series.

  • 3. Luis De Filippis

    Something You Said Last Night filmmaker Luis De Filippis on how her work is helping lead the charge for a new era of trans representation.

  • 4. Bilal Baig & Grace Lynn Kung

    Sort Of’s Bilal Baig and Grace Lynn Kung on feeling the love for both each other and their award-winning TV series.

  • 5. George Krissa

    The Holiday Sitter actor George Krissa on being overjoyed to be a part of the first Hallmark Christmas movie with two gay leads.

  • 6. Matt Rogers

    Have You Heard of Christmas? star Matt Rogers on giving the holiday season the unapologetic gayness it deserves.

  • 7. Elegance Bratton

    The Inspection filmmaker Elegance Bratton on turning his real-life experience as a gay Marine into a harrowing new movie.

  • 8. Chase Joynt

    Framing Agnes creator Chase Joynt on imagining new trans worlds with his award-winning documentary about Agnes Torres.

  • 9. Pat Mills & Ayo Tsalithaba

    Heritage Minute collaborators Pat Mills and Ayo Tsalithaba on helping finally give trailblazing trans icon Jackie Shane the spotlight she deserves.

  • 10. Lido Pimienta

    LIDO TV creator and host Lido Pimienta on the bold, singular vision of her variety series (and laughing off the trolls that came for it).

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