Hiccups and Hookups

A recently separated single mother, her commitment-phobic younger brother, and her smart but confused teenage daughter try their best to handle dating, relationships, and life.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Kindly Adjust

    Vasudha is nervous about her first date after her messy separation with Dhruv. Akhil is avoiding going to the office for another week.

  • 2. Bengaluru Rhapsody

    Pradeep Bhaiyya, an annoying cousin shows up in Bengaluru and takes Akhil and Rinzing for a drunken night at a cheap watering hole.

  • 3. Braaazilll!!

    Vasudha finally manages to have sex. Akhil is regular at the Kechup office but is struggling to find his groove.

  • 4. Sibling Shenanigans

    Vasudha and Akhil forget to tie rakhis to each other on Raksha Bandhan. Vasudha loses her patience with her boss Satvik.

  • 5. D**K Pic

    Vasudha decides to make a risky choice at her new job at the art gallery, Enso. Akhil visits the flawed therapist in order to straighten his life.

  • 6. Fish in The Sky

    Vasudha goes on a hilarious adventure to a small village on the outskirts of Bengaluru, looking for a lost artist who can save her exhibition.

  • 7.

    Vasudha and Akhil’s parents arrive, making Vasudha even more nervous about her messy life.

  • 8. It's All About Forgiving Your Family

    What seems like a successful closure to the exhibition turns out to be a harsh betrayal for Vasudha, throwing her off the edge.

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