High Arctic Haulers

High above the Arctic Circle, tugboat crews battle ice and treacherous tides through a two-month window to keep the towns at the top of the world supplied and alive.

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    High above the Arctic Circle, tugboat crews battle ice and treacherous tides through a two-month window to keep the towns at the top of the world supplied and alive.

  • 1. Chasing Ice

    When the annual Sealift enters the Arctic, it faces the worst ice in years. Global warming has dumped tonnes of glacial debris into the shipping lanes trapping the Sedna Desgagnés. Surrounded by icebergs and growlers, the Admiral of the sealift fleet is forced to call for rescue. In Hudson Bay, the biggest ship in the Sealift fleet is pounded by an early summer storm. As the Taiga fights to reach Chesterfield Inlet, the community gathers on the beach to wait for resupply. For one family, it's a bright red pickup truck that they need for a new start in life. But, first the Taiga must outrun the storm.

  • 2. Patience is the Arctic

    After two days adrift and alone in the Arctic, Captain Duplain's crew is finally rescued from the ice when a Coast Guard icebreaker returns to the Sedna and leads the ship through the ice pack. For their first delivery of the season, Duplain's crew hustles to get in and out before tides cause them to fall further behind. The Taiga is pounded by a wind storm and is forced to bypass Hall Beach leaving the community to wonder if they will ever get their supplies. In Igloolik, a young dad launches a taxi service with the help of the Sealift.

  • 3. Not Everyone is a Sailor

    Captain Duplain's crew is short-handed after an unexpected departure. Equipment breakdowns and high winds threaten the Sedna's delivery to Cape Dorset. And Arctic isolation forces a cadet to make a tough decision. The Taiga brings school and community necessities to the growing community of Naujaat - including time-sensitive cargo for the town's arena.

  • 4. High Arctic Homecoming

    The Sedna reloads in Montreal and welcomes a new first mate aboard. 25-year-old Guillaume Rosso needs to prove to Captain Duplain that he deserves to be second-in-command. When a truck breaks down stopping the Sealift, Guillaume thinks quickly to come up with a solution. On the Zeleda Degagnes, a crew gets some help from an icebreaker. While a rookie makes a triumphant return to his hometown with supplies to replace his town's school that burned down.

  • 5. Wet Below Deck

    The crew of the Sedna scrambles to control a flood below decks that is threatening to damage the cargo. The Taiga gets pounded by an open coastline and has to complete a daring ship-to-ship transfer to ensure cargo delivery to some remote communities. And an embattled town waits on the Sealift to deliver sport and hope.

  • 6. To Thrive Up Here

    Captain Duplain and the crew of the Sedna must navigate the notorious Simpson Strait - a shallow passage that starts where Sir John Franklin's failed Arctic expedition ended. In Gjoa Haven, a blast of winter disrupts the Sealift's offload and turns two hunters' expedition into an epic overnight journey. In Canada's northernmost settlement Grise Fiord, both food and power supplies are running low. As the community of 130 waits for their Sealift, ice and winter are already moving in.

  • 7. The Arctic Cup

    Winter is creeping into the Arctic and closing down the Sealift's shipping lanes. The Sedna gets a two Icebreaker escort to escape the High Arctic and deliver the first craft brewery to Baffin Island. In Canada's northernmost settlement, Grise Fiord, the Sealift pushes winter away to deliver a new power plant and a year's worth of supplies. As the Sealift comes to an end, the Arctic Cup is awarded to one brave crew.

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