Holiday Rap Battles

Going back to school? Celebrating Eid? Can't wait for Halloween? Celebrate like you mean it with a rap battle showdown for every occasion.

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  • 2. Back to School

    We're going, going back to school!

  • 6. Eid

    Eid Mubarak! Ramadan is over and it's time to PARTY!

  • 7. Father's Day

    Celebrate the D-A-D in your life with a rap battle dedicated to the fathers, the poppas, and the really cool guys.

  • 13. Abba - Mamma Mia Parody

    In this ABBA parody, Moms take it all! We'd like that thank our Moms for all that they do.

  • 22. Diwali

    Get up jump up get down - Diwali’s here with a fresh new sound!

  • 23. Thanksgiving

    Tony and Janaye are grateful for it all on Thanksgiving Day.

  • 24. The Night B4 Xmas

    It's the Night B4 Xmas and all through Studio K, not a creature is stirring, except for Tony, Janaye, and some guy named Santa!

  • 25. New Year's Eve - Countdown

    The final countdown doesn't have to be at midnight! Keep the holiday lights up because this party is about to be LIT! Perfect for ringing in 2020 whenever you want, it's the New Year Countdown!

  • 26. Lunar New Year

    Celebrate Lunar New Year with Tony and Janaye, it's the year of the rat, and that's a fact!

  • 27. Brush Your Teeth

    Brush up on your tooth brushing skills, and keep those pearly whites sparkling with this helpful rap!

  • 28. Washing Hands

    It's a rhyme that will have you rubbing your (soapy) hands together! Tony and Janaye teach you everything you need to know about washing your hands!

  • 29. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

    Stay Healthy, Happy and Germ free with this catchy little tune!

  • 30. Eid 2020!

    Eid Mubarak! Join Tony, Janaye, and families across Canada as they celebrate Eid!

  • 31. Canada A to Z Song

    How much do we love Canada? A whole Alphabet's worth! Take a virtual trip across the country, and celebrate everything there is to love about Canada!

  • 33. Christmas 2020 Rap - Santa's Coming

    Tony and Janaye try to sleep before the big guy visits, but end up getting wrapped up in a rap!

  • 34. New Years 2020 Rap

    Tony and Janaye look forward to 2021 with this year end rap!

  • 35. Lunchbox Rap Battle: Black Canadian History

    February is Black History Month! Tony and Janaye celebrate with a song featuring some of the most historic black Canadians! We could all learn a lesson from these amazing individuals, so get your dance on and learn along with us!

  • 36. Lunar New Year 2021

    It's the Year of the Ox, and Tony and Janaye are back with a Rap that'll have ya MOOvin'!

  • 37. Earth Boogie

    It's always cool to care about the Earth, so boogie on down with Gary and Mr. O to this enviro-tastic jam!

  • 38. Keep Movin

    Join Gary, Tony, and Janaye as they help Mr. O shake the blues and bust out the moves!

  • 39. The Book Song

    In the mood for a cool adventure, a thrilling tale, or even just some pretty pictures? Mr. O and Gary know the best place to look!!

  • 40. I Love My Mom

    Tony, Janaye and children from all over the country join together to help celebrate Moms everywhere!

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