Two homeschooled 16-year-old intellectuals make a documentary showcasing what home education is really like. The documentary and their friendship take a turn when one enrolls in “real” high school.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Mozart, Bach, Stravinsky

    Greta Hansen introduces you to her documentary about Homeschooling.

  • 2. A Wanton Farm Milking

    Greta, Farzanah, and Gunter film at the Van Hooglen sustainable farm with Hot Donald.

  • 3. Oscar Wilde’s Subjective Demise

    Greta and Farzanah interview two homeschooled tech geniuses.

  • 4. A Prophylactic For the Mind: Hemorrhoid Weasel

    Farzanah undergoes an examination in order to prepare for her first day of school.

  • 5. The Flotsam and Jetsam of this Hellscape

    Farzanah familiarizes herself with the moribund existence of traditional education.

  • 6. My Dinner with Donald

    Farzanah tries out her tight five in class and Greta has Hot Donald over for dinner.

  • 7. Comedy is Tragedy Plus Hoof Boots

    Appalled to learn that Faranah chose to leave homeschooling, Greta picks a public fight.

  • 8. Turn Up: 15th Century Italian Style

    Farzanah has 2 teenage firsts: a high school party, and another of a more amorous nature.

  • 9. Sycophants and Bucket Hats

    Greta goes to a film party where she learns to dance and to distrust one’s heroes.

  • 10. Tesla, Einstein, Newton

    Greta and Farzanah have a midnight talk, and the documentary finally premieres.

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