Hope Works

Hope Works is a collection of short films produced by children’s broadcasters and media companies from around the world offering stories of hope and inspiration on World Children’s Day, November 20, 2018.

Episodes Season 1

  • 1. What Shall We Do With The Angry Monster?

    Three little characters call Hatties try and cheer up a big angry monster. Being angry with him doesn't help. Offering flowers doesn't help. The littlest Hattie finally realizes the Monster has a sharp object stuck in his bottom! The Hatties pull it out and the Monster becomes peaceful. They all work and dance together.

  • 2. Give A Hand

    A young girl helps a boy, who follows her and they help someone else. Gradually a line of people are following her as the good turns continue. The group walk out of the town and into the desert. They form a ring, and as they take each others' hands their hands glow with light. We see the circle form above the sun appears from the clouds and the diverse group celebrates together.

  • 3. The Nock and the Treeples

    Three Treeples play ball in the forest. The large, clumsy Nock appears. The Treeples are wary because she looks so different to them, but then realize she just wants to play, and offer her the ball. But she misunderstands and hurls the ball AND a Treeple high into the air. The others get angry with her and she runs away upset. It turns out the first Treeple enjoyed his flight and the Treeples forgive the Nock. We end with them playing happily and boisterously together.

  • 4. Spread Kindness Around The World

    Various scenes with puppet characters showing small acts of kindness - as each one occurs a heart icon appears on a world map.

  • 5. Balloon Girl

    In a park, a baby cries loudly and incessantly, and the Mum is increasingly upset. A girl walks by with a large red balloon and the baby stops crying. Once she passes by, the baby starts again. The girl goes on a swing, and as the balloon goes in and out of site the baby stops and starts crying. Some of the people in the park get annoyed and the Mum gets increasingly upset. Suddenly there's silence. We see the girl has tied the balloon on to the pram and give it the baby. Baby happy, Mum happy, park people happy!

  • 6. Move Mountain

    A poetic narrated story about a mountain which faces North and never sees the sunrise - it's his greatest wish. His friends, bird, squirrel and bear, all try to help in different ways. Finally, they do a show for the mountain with props and music to depict the sunrise and the mountain is moved - he didn't just see the sunrise, he saw the kindness of his friends.

  • 7. Rise

    A girl is obsessed with her social media and has no interest in her family around her in the park. She gets increasingly depressed as her friends get loads of likes for their photos and she doesn’t. The film takes an abstract turn and she seems to be pulled down into murky waters. Hands offer help from above her – she chooses to leave the phone behind and is pulled back to real life by her family who enfold her.

  • 8. Children United

    A film that gives the globe’s children one voice on their hopes. We meet children from around the world who have experienced trauma and hardship but whose resilience has enabled them to achieve a happier, more positive way of life.

  • 9. Little Lights

    When a girl notices a lonely light flashing across the lake, she gathers the neighbourhood kids and all the lights they can find, to send back an answer to a boy who needs a friend.

  • 10. A Whale's Tale

    A whale helps smaller sea creatures who are trapped in plastic waste. On land, a young boy seeks support to clear the sea in his area. Fishermen come to his aid and many boats start to help clear the plastic from the sea.

  • 11. The Cupcake Choir

    This film features a group of children bridging the gap between the young and old with music, by performing a concert for older members of their community, with songs and popular culture from their youth.

  • 12. Listening to the Silence

    A poetic narrative, depicting actions and interactions of 4 and 5-year-old deaf children, showing how their isolation and solitude are broken by their relations with activities, books, games, and play. The aim of this work is to help these children to become happy, strong and integrated into the world.

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