I Hate You

From idiotic in-jokes to insane bickering, Robert Popper's joyous comedy follows the warts-and-all friendship of two best mates who love to hate each other (Starring Tanya Reynolds and Melissa Saint).

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Canada

    Fed up with dating guys their own age, the girls try older men - in their 70’s. They soon realize they’ve made a terrible mistake, so set up a double date - and a ‘double dumping.’

  • 2. Einstein

    Charlie ropes Becca into helping her collect a signed Albert Einstein letter from a Lord who keeps his socks in the fridge, and has a fly as a pet.

  • 3. Monster

    When Becca’s dad, who walked out when she was only ten, dies, Becca feels bad she just can’t cry about him. Becca guilts Charlie into bunking off work, and soon the day spirals into chaos.

  • 4. Millionaire

    It’s Becca’s birthday, but she’s refusing to celebrate it. Charlie however, is determined to celebrate, but the celebration soon turns into a day of chaos.

  • 5. Jazz

    The girls spend 48 hours with no sleep and Becca’s drunk boss in tow, ending in a lunch from hell with Charlie’s argumentative parents. Nightmare.

  • 6. Muck

    At Charlie’s boss’s work party, Charlie does something truly terrible, and Becca has an embarrassing toileting accident at the gym, before finally opening her dad’s box…

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