I Ship It

I Ship It is a new musical-adventure created, written and directed by YouTube creator Yulin Kuang. After a devastating breakup, Ella Spencer enlists her roommate/best friend Tim to help her seek revenge on her ex.

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  • 1. Pilot

    Ella Spencer and her boyfriend Chris break up, blindsiding her. After conducting an interview with Tessa, a front-woman in a band, Ella finds she has dreams of her own and she enlists her roommate Tim to help her realize them.

  • 2. Let’s Start A Band

    Ella convinces Tim to form a band together for Leviosa, a battle of the bands show. However, she realizes finding harmony may be harder than she thought.

  • 3. Even Superman Has a Day Job

    In response to her ex-boyfriend Chris’ music video with Mary Alice, his new girlfriend, Ella rallies the band to make one of their own. Ella and Tim try to figure out where their feelings for each other stand.

  • 4. All of These Feelings

    Denver books the band their first gig at an open mic night. But first, they must work together to help Ella conquer her newly-mentioned stage fright. Denver and Sasha have differing opinions on their relationship status.

  • 5. A Novel Idea

    Ella has a run in with Chris at a gig. Consequences arise when Shira, Ella and Tim's boss, catches wind of the band’s extracurricular use of the company's office space.

  • 6. Cool Beans

    Ella and Tim’s casual romance intensifies. Tension rises between newly-fired Ella and the other members of the band, as she becomes increasingly stressed about their performance. Ella meets up with Chris.

  • 7. A Musical Adventure

    The band devotes a day to lend support to a downtrodden Ella by taking her on a literal trip down memory lane.

  • 8. Battle of the Bands

    The night of Leviosa has arrived and the band must choose a name. Ahead of their major performance, Ella and Tim must deal with the awkwardness of seeing Chris and Mary Alice. Ella receives an offer that would change everything.

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  • 9. Is That It?

    The decision to tour with Tessa weighs heavily on Ella. The future of Sasha and Denver’s relationship becomes uncertain. Ella and Tim reach a crossroads.

  • 10. Probably Should Have Seen This Coming

    Ella and Tim struggle with the fallout following her decision. Denver and Sasha must grapple with the inevitable changes in their relationship.

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