In the Studio with Steven Sabados

Step inside Steven Sabados' studio and learn how to create original art, DIYs, fashion, and home decor pieces while unlocking your inner artist!

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  • 1. Marble Hydro Dipping

    Steven shows us how to take ordinary objects and transform them into incredible works of art with just some water and spray paint.

  • 2. Inked Paper Art

    These colourful creations can act as the perfect backdrop for custom invitations and letters or for simply framing in a shadow box all on their own.

  • 3. DIY Silk Screen

    Paint along with Steven as he tackles an Andy Warhol-inspired art project that will bring a burst of colour to your walls.

  • 4. Abstract Art

    Steven shows us how to make a completely unique colour story and transform it into an abstract masterpiece.

  • 5. Shibori Dyeing

    Steven shows us how to apply this beautiful and popular Japanese dyeing technique to everything from t-shirts to an arty statement piece for our homes.

  • 6. Ombre Watercolour Landscape

    Steven shows us how to create a tonal landscape so serene you'll get lost gazing at it.

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