Interrupt this Program

Interrupt this Program explores the underground art scenes of cities under pressure, with point-of-view docs that feature artists working amid tension, dissent, or political unrest.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Moscow: Expression in the face of oppression

    In Moscow a member of feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot, a performance artist, an actionist, a duo of quiet protesters/poets, and a photographer disrupt the prevailing climate of repression.

  • 2. Jerusalem

    In Jerusalem a choreographer, a visual artist, a rabbi-dancer, a female hip-hop singer, and a comedy writer/performer struggle to find a place amidst the underlying tensions of an ancient city defined by separation.

  • 3. Lagos: Artists provoking debate

    In Lagos - a city charged with a simmering new artistic energy - a singer/musician, a visual artist, a performance artist, and a Canadian/Nigerian poet provoke political debate about controversial topics like Boko Haram’s religious fundamentalism and patriarchy.

  • 4. Havana

    In Havana a dissident filmmaker, a contemporary dancer, an Afro-Cuban DJ, and a Canadian Emcee/Beatmaker insist on pushing artistic boundaries on an insulated island unmoored from the rest of the world.

  • 5. Manila

    In Manila a performance artist, a pole dancer, a rap battle champion, a visual artist, and a painter explore the multiple facets of a city now in the grip of a new government engaged in a brutal drug war. For these artists, the future is uncertain.

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