Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On

Jamie brings us his most ingenious, delicious ways to use up those kitchen cupboard staples and back-of-the-freezer forgotten finds.

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    Jamie brings us his most ingenious, delicious ways to use up those kitchen cupboard staples and back-of-the-freezer forgotten finds.

  • 1. Episode 1

    In these challenging times, Jamie shares recipes that make the most of your kitchen staples. He shows us how to make fresh pasta with three simple sauces and a veggie chili.

  • 2. Episode 2

    Jamie shares delicious recipes that use whatever ingredients you can get your hands on in these unprecedented times; making a fish pie using freezer ingredients and a classic bread dough.

  • 3. Episode 3

    Jamie shares clever recipes that can swap out ingredients for whatever you have: A risotto using frozen veg, a versatile veg-packed sauce and a delicious eggless chocolate pud.

  • 4. Episode 4

    Jamie shares delicious recipes using store cupboard ingredients. He makes a simple flatbread and turns it into a pizza pie, and makes a heartwarming, versatile beef and ale stew.

  • 5. Episode 5

    Jamie rounds off this extraordinary week with more versatile recipes that use up ingredients from the store cupboard and freezer: A super simple curry sauce and a deliciously versatile minestrone soup

  • 6. Episode 6

    Filmed at home during lock down using just his mobile phone, Jamie makes a green veg pasta for his family and shares his chicken pot pie and vegetable rosti recipes.

  • 7. Episode 7

    Filmed at home during lock down using a couple of mobile phones, Jamie rustles up a cheesy veggie quesadilla and shares his meatloaf with spaghetti and fish tikka curry recipes.

  • 8. Episode 8

    Jamie turns the standard fry up into something special. He shares recipes from the past, his allotment veg pie and frozen fish tikka masala.

  • 9. Episode 9

    Jamie offers recipes from his home during lockdown. Using ingredients left in his fridge he makes cauliflower mac and cheese and shares recipes for a sausage bake and his son’s favourite flapjack.

  • 10. Episode 10

    Filmed at home during lock down on his mobile phone, Jamie cooks up some delicious Singapore rice, a rustic gnocchi and 5-ingredient chicken traybake.

  • 11. Episode 11

    Jamie makes crunchy coated salmon, and shares helpful recipes from his archive, with delicious aubergine daal and a pork and chickpea stew.

  • 12. Episode 12

    Jamie makes a gooey chocolate birthday cake for his daughter, Petal. He also shares recipes such as a Rotolo pasta bake made with spinach and squash, and spicy Gangnam chicken wings with fried rice.

  • 13. Episode 13

    Jamie is filming himself cooking at home, and today he's making epic burgers with zingy salsa. He also serves up two other delicious dishes: spinach pancakes and a fabulous one pot fish.

  • 14. Episode 14

    Jamie and the kids make homemade pasta with a tuna and broccoli sauce, and he also shares two classic recipes from the archives, with sizzling chicken fajitas and a sausage and apple bake.

  • 15. Episode 15

    Jamie makes an indulgent Easter dessert, with a chocolate and custard hot cross bun extravaganza. He also shares his pan-roasted lamb with spring vegetables, and super-quick Asian fishcakes.

  • 16. Episode 16

    In the third week of lockdown, Jamie cooks a delicious lamb Biryani to make the most of his leftover roast, and shares his aubergine lasagna and noodle stir fry recipes.

  • 17. Episode 17

    Jamie inspires us with clever ways to cook. Using fresh veg available, he makes a ratatouille into a posh pizza, and shares his delicious lamb kofta kebabs and roasted tomato risotto.

  • 18. Episode 18

    As the weather gets warmer during lock down, Jamie cooks a fresh Caesar salad from a whole roast chicken. He also shares the recipe for a spicy piri piri pork belly and cod wrapped in smoky pancetta.

  • 19. Episode 19

    Cooking up clever recipes from home with his family as his crew, Jamie makes a spicy veggie curry. He recreates your favourite garlicky chicken and makes crispy pork tacos.

  • 20. Episode 20

    Jamie makes his ‘fridge raid pork noodles’. He shares his recipe for veggie steamed dumplings and throws the baton to his mate, Jimmy Doherty, who makes the ultimate rare beef leftovers sandwich.

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