Jaxon and Song's Maple Mystery

Jaxon and Song want to make it to Canada's 150th Birthday party but before they get there, they have a thing or two to learn about this great country and what makes Canada, Canada!

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  • 1. The Invitation

    When one giant sized maple leaf lands in front of Jaxon and Song, it issues an invitation to the biggest birthday party ever. The only thing they have to do is figure out who, what, where, and when.

  • 2. The Raven

    Where can they find a raven that soars, but never moves? The adventure takes Jaxon and Song over the Capilano Suspension Bridge and to the land of the Haida to find the answer.

  • 3. The Sunrise

    You see sunrises every morning but where do you have to stand to see the very first one in Canada? Hunting for the solution to this riddle takes Jaxon and Song on an iceberg slide and back to Cape Spear.

  • 4. The Palm Tree

    What, from up above, looks like a palm tree waving in the wind but is actually flat and filled with water? This adventure takes Jaxon and Song for a rocket ride over the Great Lakes.

  • 5. The Breadbasket

    What giant breadbasket has no bread in it? To solve this, Jaxon and Song go bronco riding at the Stampede and end up in the prairies.

  • 6. Bergy Bits and Growlers

    Where will you find bergy bits and growlers? Jaxon and Song narrowly miss a hoodoo as they hunt for the answer to this riddle. They end on the coast of Hudson’s Bay.

  • 7. The Longest Tooth

    What animal has the longest left front tooth in the world? In snowshoes Jaxon and Song tiptoe past a polar bear in search of the animal with the longest left front tooth. Their search takes them to the Innuitians.

  • 8. The Beaver’s Tail

    Where is one of the oldest expanses of rock in the world upon which you can actually eat a beaver tail? Jaxon and Song report the beaver tail eating crime to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and in doing so, find the party at last!

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