Jeremy and Jazzy

Jeremy and Jazzy is a musical adventure series where there’s a story in every song!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Jeremy And Jazzy

    Jeremy, Jazzy, Tunebug, and Stu love making music and singing together!

  • 2. Paper Heart

    Friendship is a work of art - just like the paper hearts Jeremy and friends make for each other.

  • 3. Say Hello

    Jeremy and the gang learn how to say hello in different languages from all around the world.

  • 4. Over The Moon

    Jeremy and friends visit outer space and are over the moon to hang out together.

  • 5. Bizzy Bee

    Jeremy and Jazzy learn about bees and pollination with the help of a very busy bee.

  • 6. No Better Fly Than A Butterfly

    Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu, and Tunebug learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.

  • 7. Do The Vampire

    Baby Dracula has a cold - but with help from Jeremy and Jazzy, he learns a new dance move that'll help him avoid spreading germs.

  • 8. Before You Go

    It's never easy to say goodbye; this fun song helps create a goodbye routine and celebrate friends.

  • 9. Five Little Pumpkins

    Count down from five with some scared little pumpkins on Halloween night!

  • 10. Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

    Jeremy and Jazzy celebrate self-respect, friendship, support and ways to show love for oneself and others!

  • 11. Brush Your Teeth

    Get your tooth-brushing moves down with Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu and Tunebug!

  • 12. I'm Sorry

    Jeremy, Jazzy and friends learn how to apologize and why it's important to say "I'm sorry."

  • 13. Funky Freeze Dance

    Dance along with Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu and Tunebug - then freeze with them in fun poses!

  • 14. Seven Days In A Week

    Learn the seven days of the week with this sing-along song!

  • 15. Happy Happy Birthday

    Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu and Tunebug dance and sing for their birthdays.

  • 16. My Dog Has Fleas

    Learn to tune a ukulele with this catchy song!

  • 17. Bath Time

    Start a bedtime routine and get squeaky clean with this great song to sing in the tub!

  • 18. Dancing On A Feeling

    This tune gets us up and dancing to celebrate how our differences make our friendships unique.

  • 19. Raindrops

    Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu and Tunebug explore the water cycle and learn to sing in a round.

  • 20. Cleanup Song

    Jeremy, Jazzy, Stu and Tunebug sing the cleanup song when they have a mess that needs to be put away.

  • 21. Good Morning

    Make morning a little easier as sleepy Stu enjoys waking up early.

  • 22. Stink Bug

    Learn about Jeremy's favourite bug, the stink bug!

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