Junior Baking Show

A spinoff of The Great British Baking Show, this show features children aged 9-13 battling to win the prize. They are given recipes to bake and also asked to use their own original recipes.

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Episodes Season 5

  • 1. Cake Day (Heat A)

    The first heat of 10 junior bakers enter the BAKING SHOW tent for two exciting baking challenges. Baking knowledge and jam making skills are put to the test in a tricky first technical where the bakers are asked to follow Prue’s surprise recipe for a tea party classic.

  • 2. Biscuit Day (Heat A)

    It’s Biscuit Day and the Heat A bakers return to the BAKING SHOW tent for two exciting baking challenges. First, they test their biscuit making ability as they attempt one of new judge Liam’s favourite biscuit recipes: a reinvention of a classic that tests the bakers’ piping ability in another tough Technical Challenge.

  • 3. Bread Day (Heat A)

    Its bread day and the remaining Heat A bakers have a lot to prove with 2 tough challenges set by judges Prue Leith and Liam Charles…The bakers get stuck into a messy Technical Challenge working with sticky swirls of dough designed to test their baking prowess.

  • 4. Dessert Day (Heat A)

    Its Dessert Day on Junior BAKING SHOW and Prue and Liam are looking for the bakers to produce the perfect finale to any meal. The chance to offend the judges has never been greater in the Technical Challenge as the bakers are asked to make a dessert that’s very personal to Prue.

  • 5. Pastry Day (Heat A)

    It’s Pastry Day and the last chance for the Heat A bakers to go through to finals week. To earn their place, the bakers need to impress judges Prue and Liam, with their pastry plaiting skills while making a fiddly, vegetarian classic pastry.

  • 6. Cake Day (Heat B)

    The second heat of 10 junior bakers enter the BAKING SHOW tent for two exciting baking challenges. In their first-ever technical the bakers take on the tricky combination of multi-coloured batter and intricate cake tins flavoured with some of Liam’s favourite ingredients.

  • 7. Biscuit Day (Heat B)

    The Heat B bakers return to the BAKING SHOW tent to face two delicate biscuit challenges. They need to demonstrate they have a light touch and steady hand as they are faced with Prue’s recipe for a children’s party favourite given a sophisticated update.

  • 8. Bread Day (Heat B)

    It’s Bread Day and the remaining junior bakers are faced with two tricky challenges. In the technical they need to brush up on their chef skills alongside their baking knowledge as they prepare a delicious breakfast using one of Liam’s favourite recipes.

  • 9. Dessert Day (Heat B)

    It’s Dessert Day and the bakers must produce delicious sweet, creations for judges Prue and Liam. The technical challenge is hi-jacked by Harry Hill who asks the bakers to use their piping skills to create a unique bake that is both food and art.

  • 10. Pastry (Heat B)

    It’s Pastry Day for the Heat B bakers and their last chance to win a place in Finals week. Liam’s technical challenge is an unusual hybrid requiring the bakers to demonstrate knowledge and techniques worthy of an advanced pastry chef.

  • 11. Chocolate (Finals Week)

    It’s the first day of Finals week with our final 10 junior bakers and to celebrate its Chocolate Day! As the bakers return to the tent the bar has been raised as they are faced with Liam’s delicious and indulgent technical challenge involving the difficult task of making caramel.

  • 12. International (Finals Week)

    Day 2 of Finals Week and the bakers that remain must go global - having their skills tested in tricky international challenges. The pressure is on the bakers in the technical challenge to serve up a desert-inspired by Prue’s childhood favourite in South Africa.

  • 13. Construction (Finals Week)

    For the remaining junior bakers in finals week, their building skills will be tested in Construction Day. For the technical challenge the bakers must get their heads around making a cake that’s intentionally the wrong way up. The bakers’ nerves are tested to the max in the construction of their towering, gravity-defying showstoppers that must be made entirely from biscuit.

  • 14. Patisserie (Finals Week)

    It’s the Junior BAKING SHOW semi-final and the perfect time to test the remaining bakers’ skills in some of the more challenging areas of patisserie. The first challenge stretches the junior bakers in their longest and hardest technical yet, so they must hold their nerve to present something worthy of a place in tomorrow’s final.

  • 15. The Final

    It’s the final of Junior BAKING SHOW and for the last remaining bakers the stakes couldn’t be higher as they have to prepare multiple bakes for a tea party, testing every aspect of the bakers’ skills. In their first and last ever Signature Challenge, the bakers face a double challenge, juggling both Iced Buns and Inside Out biscuits at the same time. In their final and most important bake of the series, the four finalist bakers have their last chance to impress in the form of the ultimate Showstopper – a cake in the form of a Junior BAKING SHOW winner’s trophy.

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