Junior Baking Show

A spinoff of The Great British Baking Show, this show features children aged 9-13 battling to win the prize. They are given recipes to bake and also asked to use their own original recipes.

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Episodes Season 6

  • 1. Cake Day

    Junior Baking Show returns for a new run, with Harry Hill, Liam Charles, new judge Ravneet Gill, and very talented young bakers. This episode features sponge, jelly and fantasy cakes.

  • 2. Biscuit Day

    The young bakers must create the near impossible in biscuit form, and a masterpiece biscuit canvas inspired by their favourite artist.

  • 3. Bread Day

    The young bakers have a lot to prove on bread day, with tricky shaping techniques in the Technical and sculptural sweet bread mythical creatures for the Showstopper.

  • 4. Dessert Day

    On dessert day, the young bakers are asked to make a dessert with ultimate height and jiggle, shaped like an animal, for the Technical, and decorative trifles for the Showstopper.

  • 5. Pastry Day

    On pastry day, Liam asks the young bakers to recreate an unlikely object in pastry form, with a Caribbean spiced twist. And they make choux pastry scenes featuring themselves

  • 6. Cake Day

    It's Cake Day for the second heat of junior bakers, as they tackle a tricky construction challenge in their first Technical and a showstopping cupcake scene for someone they love.

  • 7. Biscuit Day

    It's Biscuit Day and judge Liam sets the second heat of bakers the muckiest Technical ever seen, before they bring a magical touch to their showstopping fairy-tale biscuit scenes.

  • 8. Bread Day

    It's Bread Day and the second heat of bakers get their hands dirty in a colourful, twisted Technical, and create bread creatures great and small in a zoological Showstopper.

  • 9. Dessert Day

    It's Dessert Day and the second heat of bakers make stacks of gooey, chocolatey deliciousness and a mash-up dessert combining elements that wouldn't usually share the same plate.

  • 10. Pastry Day

    It's Pastry Day for the second heat of bakers and their last chance to win a place in finals week. They make a Spanish snack with a twist and a showstopping celebration pie.

  • 11. Street Food

    Our final 8 junior bakers have been asked to celebrate by making Street Food! The pressure is on as the first challenge sees them combining everyone’s favourite part of a Sunday roast.

  • 12. International

    The remaining bakers are travelling the globe to impress the judges during two tricky international challenges.

  • 13. Illusion

    The six remaining junior bakers in finals week test their baking magic by creating illusion bakes that deceive the eye.

  • 14. Patisserie

    It's the semi-final and the junior bakers tackle a cute-but-tough Technical, and one of the hardest French patisserie skills with a Junior Baking Show twist: 3D choux centrepieces.

  • 15. Final, Afternoon Tea

    It's the final, and the four remaining bakers create a themed afternoon tea, with entremets and pastries, and a showstopping tiered layer cake. Who will be crowned the winner?

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