Karena & Kasey's Foreign Flavours

MasterChef winners Karena and Kasey Bird step outside their comfort zone to brave an ambitious global gastronomic journey. The youngest ever winners of MasterChef, these self-taught Māori cooking sensations are taking on the world one plate at a time! In this exciting series, Kasey and Karena who have barely traveled in their own country, let alone the rest of the world, pack their bags and embark on an epic 10-stop tour around the globe; promoting their language and culture along the way.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Korea

    Karena and Kasey head to Seoul in South Korea, home to one of the most popular, on-trend cuisines in the world. After meeting the Kiwi Ambassador, the girls are taken out to try traditional Korean BBQ and a sing-along with a Korean, Kiwi twist.

  • 2. Italy

    Karena and Kasey are in the beautiful city of Rome and are on a learning curve about how to eat like a Roman. From Pasta Masters, to finding out all about making traditional Italian dishes, to being hand-fed Tripe, Rome is a city of discovery.

  • 3. India

    Karena and Kasey get an assault on the senses as they experience a food tour like no other on the streets of Old Delhi, India. In the spiritual mecca, the girls visit a Sikh temple that feeds up to 10,000 people a day and ends up in Rajasthan facing their hardest challenge to date…making appetisers for an Indian wedding!

  • 4. Vietnam

    Regarded to be one of the most popular cuisines in the world, Karena and Kasey arrive in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi and there’s no mucking around as they are in search of some of the famous street food.

  • 5. USA

    This week Karena and Kasey are in LA, a city that is known for starting trends, from food trucks to veganism to celebrity chefs and that’s exactly what they will be discovering as well as meeting a few kooky characters along the way.

  • 6. China

    Karena and Kasey hit Shanghai and waste no time in sampling some local delicacies while doing so bump into a kiwi - cooking idol of theirs and ending up on a crazy food tour like no other.

  • 7. Indonesia

    Where most people only visit Bali, Karena and Kasey head to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta to learn about one of the most miss-understood cuisines. They get to taste the joys of eating at a padang restaurant and then head to Bandung, known as the Paris of Java, to sample what’s on offer in street food cuisine and meet celebrity chef, Bandung Bob.

  • 8. Chile

    Karena and Kasey land in Chile’s capital, Santiago, where Karena meets two chefs from acclaimed restaurant Peumayen who show her how Chilean cuisine is moving forward by going back to its ancestral past. Kasey heads to the port town of Valparaiso, home of the famous seafood market and she tracks down the infamous ‘caldillo de congrio’ dish.

  • 9. Japan

    Karena and Kasey land in the food mecca of Tokyo and find themselves being auctioned off for a charity. In the city that boasts the most Michelin stars in the world, the Maketu sisters start tasting some serious dishes, from the best Ramen in Japan to a 20-course kaiseki lunch and Michelin star sushi.

  • 10. New Caledonia

    In their final destination, Karena and Kasey are in the Pacific visiting New Zealand’s closest neighbour, New Caledonia. It’s a perfect foodie fusion between Pacific island produce and French cooking techniques. Where else can you eat pastries, baguette’s, snails and cheese under palm trees beside crystal clear waters?

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