Keep Pushing

Keep Pushing takes you behind the scenes of Canada's National Skateboarding Team as they prepare to compete at international events.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Sea to Sky Sessions

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all competitions are cancelled including the Tokyo Summer Games. Follow Canada's National Park Skaters as they band together to train and navigate the landscape.

  • 2. Exponential Growth

    In 2020, women's skateboarding is the fastest growing market in skateboarding, but that comes with challenges. Following Canada's top women skaters, we explore the pros and cons of this welcomed boom.

  • 3. Canadian Geese

    This is a snapshot of what was and what could've been for these top Canadian athletes in 2020. Watch them face the reality of a postponed Olympics, travel restrictions and a shutdown country.

  • 4. Make or Break

    Olympic qualifying events are finally on the horizon. Watch the final push of Canada Skateboard’s National Team as they compete in the last two events to decide Canada’s first Olympic Skateboard Team.

  • 5. An Inside Look at Canadian Skateboarding

    Take a ride with Canada Skateboard as they navigate the rapid growth of their sport, culture, and community on the verge of skateboarding's introduction to the Olympic Games.

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