Kim's Convenience

KIM'S CONVENIENCE is the funny, heartfelt story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Gay Discount

    Mr. Kim offers a gay discount at the store, while Mrs. Kim tries to find Janet a cool - Christian - Korean boyfriend.

  • 2. Janet's Photos

    Mr. Kim gets competitive with Janet over who is the better photographer. When Jung applies for a promotion it has a surprising effect on Mrs. Kim and Kimchee.

  • 3. Ddong Chim

    Jung draws the wrong kind of attention from his boss when he gives Kimchee a Korean wedgie at work. Mr. Kim commissions Janet's friend Gerald to take his photo instead of asking Janet.

  • 4. Frank & Nayoung

    Mr. Kim is frustrated with Frank, a repairman who talks too much, while Janet's cousin Nayoung visits from Korea, challenging Janet's sense of what it means to be "Korean." Jung and Shannon get tickets to a basketball game, but Jung starts to wonder if Shannon thinks it's a date.

  • 5. Wingman

    Mr. Chin asks Mr. Kim to be his wingman on a date, which is fine until Mrs. Kim tags along. Janet asks Jung to help her fix a dripping pipe at the store, but the repair is interrupted by an intruder.

  • 6. Rude Kid

    Mr. Kim disciplines Janet’s professor’s kid, with unexpected results for Janet. Jung discovers that Kimchee has found a questionable way to make extra money.

  • 7. Hapkido

    Janet is taking a Hapkido class, but Mr. Kim questions her teacher’s techniques. Jung runs into an old flame and Mrs. Kim tries to get them back together.

  • 8. Service

    Mr. and Mrs. Kim's relationship is tested when Mr. Kim offers free stuff at the store to the attractive new female pastor. Janet dates Jung's friend Alex and Jung pretends to be cool with it.

  • 9. Best Before

    Mr. Kim tries to prove to Janet that "best before" dates are meaningless. Mrs. Kim tries not to be embarrassed by her children at the church bazaar.

  • 10. Janet's New Job

    Janet is tired of working at the store for free. When Mr. Kim refuses to pay her, Janet looks for work elsewhere.

  • 11. Handyman

    Mr. Kim helps Kimchee fix a broken toilet at his apartment, while Jung hides out with Shannon at work. Mrs. Kim’s old friend Edwin drops by, and Janet thinks there may be more to their relationship than her mother lets on.

  • 12. Appa's Lump

    Mr. Kim discovers a lump on his back. Jung is Shannon’s plus one at a work event.

  • 13. Family Singing Contest

    Janet has big news, but first she, her mother, and Jung have to get through the church family singing festival. Mr. Kim lets the attention from his fancy new SUV go to his head.

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