Kingdom Force

Kingdom Force is a 24/7 search and rescue unit dedicated to helping their fellow animals. Through team-work, cooperation, and embracing diversity, there is no challenge the team can’t handle!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Runaway Train / Forecast: Chaos

    Kingdom Force must rescue Hoover and Professor Dunbit from a speeding train before it crashes / Jabari accidentally sends a weather drone into overdrive, causing extreme weather shifts to endanger the Five Kingdoms.

  • 2. Fire on Wolf Mountain / Go with the Floe

    While the Wolf and Bear communities argue over ownership of the new bridge that connects their two villages, Kingdom Force must work to save some Camper Cubs from a raging forest fire / Kingdom Force must save a family of bears from going Titanic after Jalopi sets them adrift on an ice floe.

  • 3. Sinkhole or Swim / Drop it like it's Hot

    Kingdom Force is called to fix-up a sinkhole at The Anopolis, but run into trouble when Liberty, Willow, and Luka get stuck inside of it / Kingdom Force has to evacuate and save the citizens of Black Rock Village from an erupting volcano.

  • 4. Danger in Grizzly Valley / Gondola with the Wind

    Kingdom Force has to reconcile the feuding Bear and Badger communities, while also saving the Bear citizens from a collapsing dam / Kingdom Force must save a gondola full of Bears from falling, but are surprised when the Rider-5 shows up with Norvyn's nephew Artie at the helm.

  • 5. Bee Yourself / Creepy Crawler

    Kingdom Force must caravan honey bees between kingdoms to save an endangered flower, but end up endangering the bees when Luka decides to put on a show for Liberty's viewers / Sprocket decides to take the day off, but how can she rest when Dr. Sabre has stolen the Crawler and Kingdom Force is struggling to reclaim it by themselves?

  • 6. Origins pt. 1 / Origins pt.2

    With a series of odd natural disasters threatening the livelihood of the 5 Kingdoms, a new team of champions is formed - Kingdom Force! But can the members learn to put aside their individual prejudices in order to work together and save all 5 Kingdoms before it's too late?

  • 7. We Be Jammin / Dog Daze

    Dr. Sabre's new harvesting robot is picking the Jungle Kingdom orchard clean of Banana Squash, and when the Alpha Mech gets stuck, it's up to Dalilah to think creatively and stop the machine / Luka seeks King Cat's help in learning how to relax, but with a sandstorm on the horizon, can Luka snap back into leadership mode before it destroys King Cat's mesa?

  • 8. Can You Dig It? / Howl-o-Ween

    A cave in during the Big Dig Festival traps the badger community underground. / When Jabari uses a new serum to make his pumpkin spookier for the Howl-o-ween festival, the side effects are terrifying.

  • 9. Funbit 9000 / Iron Ape

    When Professor Dunbit's latest invention malfunctions, it's up to Kingdom Force to save themselves from...the Crawler?! / After a fit of jealousy beckons Dalilah to abandon her post guarding the coveted gold banana crown, Kingdom Force must reclaim the prize before Maggie Pye steals it forever!

  • 10. Ruin of Zoom / Night birds

    Kingdom Force heads out to save the trapped news team & Professor Dunbit in an ancient ruin, but end up grappling with a protective, sentient Rock Monster along the way / It's a race against time after Envie Fernandez steals the Plains Kingdom's cherished night birds during the coming-of-cat ceremony. Can Kingdom Force reclaim them before sunrise, or will Jabari have to spend ANOTHER YEAR as a cub?

  • 11. Mad Max Volume / Big Cat Blues

    Kingdom Force must save some frightened felines after Max Volume hijacks the Rocket Train and threatens their safety with his obnoxious (and destructive!) music / Kingdom Force must stop an oversized statue of Jabari after Funbit 9000 takes possession of it and wants to play (in a most catastrophic way)!

  • 12. Stink 'em Up / The Night Beast of Gorilla Gulch

    When Dr. Sabre releases Stink Cactus spores across the Five Kingdoms, Kingdom Force must track them down and contain them before they sprout!/ When Kingdom Force receives the call about a mysterious Night Beast haunting the Jungle Kingdom, they must investigate to prove that no such thing exists...or does it?

  • 13. Free Prize in Every Box / Sloppy Jalopi

    A new cereal craze has the Five Kingdoms in a frenzy searching for the prized Golden Toy, and when Envie Fernandez hijacks a convoy of cereal trucks for herself, it's up to Kingdom Force to stop her and get them back! / After a botched scheme by Jalopi results in Funbit 9000 taking control of her vehicle and running off with her and Liberty Longtail, the team must chase them through the Ice Kingdom.

  • 14. Full Moon Fever / Super Jalopi!

    Kingdom Force must rescue some wolf cubs from a runaway hot-air balloon, but when the Fire Moon has Luka behaving erratically, will he be able to lead the team to success?/ Kingdom Force must take a back-seat after a newly super powered Jalopi becomes the Five Kingdoms' go-to least until Jalopi needs saving herself!

  • 15. Hello Dolly / Say Yes to the Mess

    It's up to Kingdom Force to peacefully resolve a dispute between Jalopi and the Rock Monster before their clash wreaks havoc over the Five Kingdoms / Kingdom Force needs to stop an out-of-control cleaning machine before it obliterates everything!

  • 16. Snowballs of Fury / Cat Me if You Can

    When Jabari's bragging gets too much for Artie to handle, he decides to take drastic measures to beat Jabari at his own game, unintentionally creating a massive snowball of destruction in the process! / Jabari's solo-mission is thwarted after Mittens McGuirk intervenes and accidentally lets the Gunter & Gustav steal Jabari's crystal cargo! Will Kingdom Force and Mittens be able to reclaim the crystals before the Henchbears gets away?

  • 17. Ready, Set, Slow! / Ground Breakin', Earth Shakin', No Fakin'

    After Envie Fernandez is quick to steal Professor Dunbit's slo-mo ray, it's up to Kingdom Force to hurry up and get it back before she embarks on an unstoppable crime spree!/ Luka is annoyed after Max Volume repeatedly cries wolf, but what happens when the threat is real and Max really does need help? Will Kingdom Force answer the call?

  • 18. Control Yourself / Codes of Trouble

    Max Volume hypnotizes the badger community to do his bidding, leaving no badger unaffected...including TJ! Will Kingdom Force be able to save the day with one of their own working against them?/ When the crystal-mining robots that Professor Dunbit creates out of old Sabre tech go haywire, Kingdom Force must shut them down before they destroy the Jungle Kingdom!

  • 19. Chill or Be Chilled / Gimme a Break

    Kingdom Force 'defend' a Bear Village from an Ice Monster, but what if the newly discovered creature isn't the enemy they assume it is?/ Jalopi finally forms her own super-team...full of Jalopi clones! Can Kingdom Force save the Jungle Kingdom before the well-intentioned Jalopi Force

  • 20. Under Pressure / License to Drill

    Jabari resigns his Kingdom Force spot to legendary hero Mittens McGuirk, and it's a test of true teamwork to save the Plains Kingdom from a series of devastating geysers. But can Mittens cooperate long enough to complete the mission together, or will Jabari regret his decision and the Plains Kingdom pay the ultimate price? / TJ is irked when he's told to train the other Kingdom Force members how to use his vehicle, but it's nothing to how he feels when the Rider-3 goes out of control and damages the underground Canyon Kingdom tunnels! The team must rally to save the Badger Village from collapsing before it's too late...even if they have to do it in each others' vehicles!

  • 21. Norvyn Not-So-Big / Skate Expectations

    Big problems follow the team after a shrink ray zaps everything in sight...including Kingdom Force themselves! Will the tiny heroes be able to complete their mission, or will their new statures lead to a massive defeat?/ Luka is too embarrassed to admit that he doesn't know how to skateboard, but he'll have to own up to the truth and try his best when a destructive stunt-gone-wrong by Max Volume wreaks havoc in the Canyon Kingdom!

  • 22. Moustivus / Outfoxed

    When Jabari takes a practical joke too far and pranks Dr. Sabre on TV, it's the Plains Kingdom who'll end up paying the price! Can the team stop Dr. Sabre's misdirected revenge before it's too late? / Envie Fernandez has her eyes on King Cat's crown, and only Sprocket can keep her from getting it. Can she do it without the team?

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