Lac-Mégantic - This Is Not an Accident

Lac-Mégantic investigates one of the worst oil train tragedies in history: a foreseeable catastrophe ignited by corporate and political negligence.

Parts Season 1

  • 1. Itinerary of a Moving Bomb

    The citizens of Lac-Mégantic share their harrowing accounts from that night. The episode then flashes back to June 30, 2013, where the ill-fated train leaves the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota.

  • 2. Pure Souls

    As downtown burns, citizens search for the missing. The scope of the destruction is evident, but the cause is unknown and no one takes responsibility for what’s happened.

  • 3. The Worst is Yet to Come

    Out on the tracks locals take safety into their own hands, as they patrol the rail lines that circle Mégantic. The rebuilding process rips the town apart, as citizens are left to clean up the mess.

  • 4. This Was No Accident

    High up in the Canadian Rockies, tragedy strikes again killing three railmen. Surging from this disaster lies another grieving community. In Lac-Mégantic, plans for a bypass divide the town even more.

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