Welcome to Lazoo – the land of make and do. A place full of inspiration and creativity that contains a unique visual blend of arts and crafts rooted in the boundless world of a child’s imagination.

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  • 1. Flower Power

    Zuzi and the crew are so excited that it’s Flower Day. There will be a parade, music, snack and games plus the big bouquets of pretty spring flowers. But spring is late, and not a single spring flower has bloomed yet this year, causing Mayor Macaroni to cancel the festivities.

  • 2. Spaghetti Cowboys

    The Lazoo crew goes to the best place in Lazooville to play cowboys – the farm! Calamity ensues when Cowboy Hoshi accidentally leaves a gate open, unleashing a herd of noodle cows. Although it was just an accident, Hoshi doesn’t admit his mistake.

  • 3. Indoor Camping

    When a rainstorm prevents the Lazoo crew from going on a camping trip, Hoshi is disappointed and believes the trip is ruined. But Zuzi has an idea: “Let’s bring the outside inside!” The Lazoo crew thinks creatively, as Zuzi leads a camping hike inside the apartment building.

  • 4. Regatta

    When the crew hears about a boat parade in Lazoo, they’re super excited to decorate boats and participate. Zargatron borrows Captain Mustache’s old boat for the event. Because Zargatron is now the captain of the boat, he believes that he should do the decorating all by himself.

  • 5. Blustery Gus

    Today is a very windy day! Even Zuzi’s glitter blows away. Gus the Cloud is so excited to play that his dancing catches the Lazoo crew’s kite and lifts it up out of Zuzi’s hands and high into the sky. But when Ori the dog is accidentally carried far away, Zuzi and the others spring into action to bring him home before dark.

  • 6. Home Is Where Your Shell Is

    The Lazoo crew meets a shy turtle named Steven who lives in a mud puddle. When Zargatron assumes that Steven needs a home, he gets so excited about building him a brand new one. Zargatron is pumped up on his enthusiasm and builds one spectacular home after another for the little turtle.

  • 7. New Record

    The Lazoo crew’s mission today is to break their own record and build a new, even-taller bagel tower! Bernie has baked them all the giant bagels they need. Together, they try different ways to build their structure. But Hoshi is so excited that his rate of bagel stacking reaches highly unstable levels, and he keeps knocking the tower down.

  • 8. Zarg’s Storage Problem

    Zargatron is upset that his storage space is full because storing Hoshi’s artwork is one of his useful functions. Error! He is malfunctioning! When Hoshi’s purple pineapple picture is folded up tight, it takes off like a spring out of the window.

  • 9. Zarg’s Mistake

    Zargatron loves looking at Lazooville’s beautiful landscape, so the crew decides to make-and-do a picture of it. Miku uses pastels, Hoshi tries watercolours, Zargatron opts for pencils and Ori’s paws soak up the finger paints. But when Zargatron suffers a crooked pencil line error, he attaches erasers to Ori’s paws to try to quickly fix it.

  • 10. Miku’s Song

    Miku performs a little song for her friends. It’s very nice, but M. Cello knows it would be really great after some practice. Miku doesn’t like the idea of practice because singing the same song over and over just sounds boring.

  • 11. Oh Sunny

    The Lazoo crew is so excited to be packing up for a beach party. But suddenly Zargatron says there is an error. According to his calculations, there is a 98% chance of rain today. How will they have a beach party without the sun? Since rain is the sun’s tears, they know that Sunny is sad and they are determined to cheer her up.

  • 12. No Bath for Hoshi

    While painting at Lazooville Park, Hoshi gets covered in paint and decides to be a paint lion tornado, splattering paint over everyone. Zargatron calculates that the best equation for zero dirt is to add paint lion tornado to a bath. But Hoshi refuses, believing that baths are no fun.

  • 13. Whale Out of Water

    The Lazoo crew is having a great time with their dune buggy at the beach. They meet Bitsy the whale, who thinks that swimming in the sea is boring and zooming around on land would be amazing.

  • 14. Puppet Show

    Zargatron makes his own little Zargatron puppet, his zarga-twin. Handsome Puppet-tron does a great performance of funky dance moves. Unfortunately, Zargatron is very nervous about other people watching him perform.

  • 15. Ribbon Thief

    While making a kite, Zuzi produces her favourite rainbow ribbon. She’s been saving it for something special and the kite is it. But before she can attach it, a little bird takes it in its beak and flies away.

  • 16. Lazooville Circus

    The Lazooville Circus is in town hosting auditions, so the crew decides to brush up on their circus skills and try out. While the others don’t know much about performing, Hoshi comes from a long line of circus performers.

  • 17. Case of the Missing Costume

    Miku gets the Lazoo crew excited to play detective. It’s her favourite game. But before she can solve any marvelous mysteries, she needs her detective costume. And it is missing! They have a curious costume caper on their hands, and Miku doesn’t think she can solve a mystery without her costume.

  • 18. Lazooville Bake Off

    It's the Lazooville Bake Off and Zargatron's entering his Grand-pappa-tron’s famous peach crumble. Unfortunately, the crumble takes a tumble. They need more ingredients to make another one, and the grocery store is closed.

  • 19. Legend of Bighand

    Mayor Macaroni is sad because the Lazooville flag pole doesn’t have a flag to fly so he’s been using a pair of his trousers instead. The Lazoo crew decides to create a flag that represents what Lazooville is all about, and they realize that everyone there is super friendly. They hike through Lazoo forest to track down the mythical “Bighand” so they can trace his hand onto the new town flag as a symbol of friendship.

  • 20. Cock a Doodle Snooze

    Zuzi is too excited to sleep because Farmer Phyllis said the Lazoo crew can explore the barn in the morning. The Barn! Just thinking about it gets Zuzi’s glitter glistening. She’s so eager for the day to start that she sets the alarm clock ahead, and wakes up the others.

  • 21. Blue Egg

    While playing hide-and-seek in the park, Miku finds a little blue egg. She names it Bluebell and wants to keep it as her own. Zargatron reminds her that Bluebell belongs to someone else who much be missing the tiny egg.

  • 22. Boy Who Cried Wool

    The Lazoo crew has made finger puppets, and Hoshi, in particular, is having fun playing with Finger Puppet Hoshi. In the middle of playing, the see that a spider needs help to finish building her web before her babies hatch. The others are happy to help wind some wool, but Hoshi just wants to keep playing.

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