Local Specials


Episodes Season 1

  • 20. We Were Here

    For centuries there were Black residents in Saint John who defied stereotypes and became leaders in the community. But history buried them. Now local poet and playwright Clyde Wray is bringing them back to life: one monologue at a time.

  • 21. We Know the Truth: Stories to Inspire Reconciliation

    We Know the Truth: Stories to Inspire Reconciliation is a CBC Manitoba documentary that recasts Canada's history and future through the empowerment of Indigenous people. Meet Indigenous people who are telling the true history of Canada and residential schools, and creating change on their own terms. Reflect with residential school survivors. And be inspired by those who are working hard to keep their culture and languages alive.

  • 22. Faces of COVID-19: First Hand

    Saskatchewan people share their first-hand experience of dealing with COVID-19.

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