Love Monster

Love Monster happens to be the only monster in a sea of cute baby animals in Fluffytown. With a lot of help and a little serendipity, Love Monster discovers that in the end, his heart always know just what to do.

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    Love Monster happens to be the ‘only monster’ amongst a sea of cute baby animals. Even though he is very different, he is universally loved and accepted by his fellow ‘Fluffytown’ residents.

  • 1. Sharing with Other Day

    Love Monster has to decide whether to share his chocolates with his friends or eat them all

  • 2. Bouncy Slidey Day

    Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny needs help on the big slide so Love Monster has to be really brave

  • 3. Three Legged Race Day

    Team Bunny Monster are certain they’ll win the Fluffytown Three Legged race but things don’t go to plan

  • 4. Show and Tell Day

    Its Show and Tell Day but no one told Love Monster that it’s unicorn themed

  • 5. Perfect Pineapple Party Day

    Love Monster’s perfect pineapple costume stops him joining in any of the party games

  • 6. Hot, Hot, Hot Day

    Love Monster causes a big mess when he accidentally breaks the fro-yo machine

  • 7. Accidental Elder Day

    Love Monster thinks he has become an elder so he gets a job but struggles doing it

  • 8. Paint a Picture Day

    When Monster Teddy is chosen to pose for everyone’s paintings Love Monster misses him

  • 9. Yey for Rain Day

    Sunshine ruins Love Monster’s indoor games day, as his friends all want to play outside

  • 10. Special Surprise Day

    Love Monster has to wait until nighttime to open a mystery box, but it’s so hard to do!

  • 11. Clear Out Day

    Love Monster shares a disco ball with his friends but they all want to use it differently

  • 12. Dancing Away Day

    Love Monster worries he didn’t wish Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny luck for her dance contest

  • 13. Picnic Night

    Love Monster searches for Biggest Ever Bunny to invite it to the Picnic Under the Stars

  • 14. Carrot Day

    Love Monster tries to like carrots for Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny but he just can’t

  • 15. Give It Another Go Day

    Love Monster doesn’t like the beach but decides to give it another go

  • 16. Elder Kitten Day

    Love Monster has to keep Elder Kitten away from a surprise party everyone is planning

  • 17. Favourite Library Book Day

    Love Monster can’t find his favourite book that he borrowed from Book Cub

  • 18. Happy to Help Day

    Love Monster promises to help far too many of his friends in Happy To Help Day

  • 19. Plant a Seed Day

    Love Monster tries to get his hot chocolate flower seeds to grow, but they just won’t!

  • 20. Snowman Day

    Love Monster builds a snowman called Tilty but worries when he begins to melt

  • 21. Treasure Hunt Day

    Love Monster plans a treasure hunt but worries the treasure isn’t that special

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