Lu & The Bally Bunch

An animated dramedy about a three-and-a-half-year-old ladybird with a brand-new social life, who is still learning the social skills to handle it!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Fruit Caboose

    Lu's upset when Declan takes a bite of her apple.

  • 2. Bin Bug

    Lu upsets the other bugs when she refuses to share the funnest role in a game.

  • 3. Bug Hugs

    Barnaby is in the mood for hugs, but not all his friends are.

  • 4. Tower Tower Wow

    Declan accidentally upsets Gus by not properly explaining the rules of a game.

  • 5. Xylophone Blues

    Lu feels discouraged when her xylophone playing doesn't get the reaction she'd hoped for.

  • 6. Copy Copy Caterpillar

    Lu gets frustrated when Gus won't join in her mimicking game.

  • 7. What If I Can't

    Lu is a good friend to Barnaby when he regrets not showing the class his backwards roly poly.

  • 8. Home Toy

    Lu gets upset when she loses Declan's special toy.

  • 9. Elevator Play Date

    Lu fails to realize that Biba is scared by a game they are playing together.

  • 10. Wibble Blobs

    Lu refuses a snack that turns out to be yummier than she'd imagined.

  • 11. Down In The Grumps

    Lu tries to cheer Declan up, but he doesn't want to be cheered up.

  • 12. Counting Spaghetti

    Lu and Barnaby have a disagreement during Art Time at Shell School.

  • 13. Lu's New Shoes

    Lu's upset when no-one seems to like her new shoes.

  • 14. Droopy Patrick

    Lu feels sad when her flowery friend begins to droop.

  • 15. Horsefly Jumps

    Lu struggles to understand Elodie's upset when she accidentally spoils her game.

  • 16. When's My Turn?

    Lu has trouble waiting for her turn to play with a toy.

  • 17. A Twig's Tale

    Lu accidentally breaks Barnaby's special twig and realizes how much it means to him.

  • 18. Play With Me!

    Biba gets frustrated when Lu abandons their cushion castle to play with baby Bo.

  • 19. Proper Game

    Gus demands Lu play by the rules.

  • 20. My Friend Biba

    Lu wants Biba to play only with her at Shell School today.

  • 21. Vacuumasaurus

    Lu can't understand why Gus is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

  • 22. The Box

    Lu and Barnaby can't agree on how to play with a cardboard box.

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