Lunchbox Dilemma

Three Asian Canadians recall hiding, discarding and forgetting their lunches — the ones their classmates called “weird,” “smelly” and “funny-looking.”

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  • 1. Joe

    Avril Lavigne + K-pop + kimchi. Joe Rascal, an independent artist and musician, recalls bringing a “high-tech” thermos filled with kimchi and other Korean dishes to school.

  • 2. Vanessa

    Vanessa Okafo, a dancer and film producer, loved eating steamed daikon as a kid. But her classmates' reactions to the dish made her second-guess her feelings about her family’s home-cooked food.

  • 3. Yang

    Indie rocker and classical percussionist Yang Chen (they/she) comes to terms with the fact that a boy at school thought her rice ball looked like “Scottish boogers.”

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