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Richard Strong is an ambitious and amoral television producer working for a company that makes bad (but profitable) television shows.

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  • 1. Pawn to King Four

    At Pyramid Productions, the champagne is flowing - the network has just ordered another 20 episodes of “The Sword of Damacles.” But Richard Strong won’t be happy until his fortunes change. As a lowly script reader, Richard’s progress at Pyramid depends on Raymond Drodge moving up or moving out. While Richard plots, Pyramid President Alan Roy and Senior Production Advisor Veronica Miller try to puff up the damaged ego of Damacles’ star.

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  • 2. Dining Out

    President Alan Roy plans to reorganize Pyramid Productions putting Victor Sela in charge of both Film and Television Divisions. This is not good for the new Head of Television Richard Strong or for Senior Production Advisor Veronica Miller. Office politics make very strange bedfellows.

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  • 3. A Death in the Family

    Walter Franklin, star of Pyramid’s hit family series “Beaver Creek” dies. The company’s stock plummets. It’s the perfect opportunity for Richard to sink to his creative, Machiavellian depths.

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  • 4. Second in Command

    Richard Strong is put in charge of an undercover cop show ordered by an American network. The done deal is going soft Richard has two challenges - fix the problem; punish the guilty.

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  • 5. The Mill Show

    Company President Alan Roy dispatches his secretary Wanda to Buffalo to buy a new not-yet-available-in-Canada-drug. Richard Strong is yanked from the US network cop series and saddled with a “mill show”. The question is: how to crank out 52 shows with no budget and no concept in four languages. The answer: with Veronica and Richard and passion.

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  • 6. And the Winner is….

    Awards night. Who cares? Everybody. Pyramid President Alan Roy is to receive a lifetime achievement award. But tuxedos and sequins do not guarantee a good time. The dismissed Raymond returns to the company with a series idea, a good series idea. Richard oversteps his bounds. Tides are turning at Pyramid Productions.

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