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Richard Strong is an ambitious and amoral television producer working for a company that makes bad (but profitable) television shows.

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Episodes Season 3

  • 1. Richard Returns

    Richard is sent out into the Jungle by helicopter, and the chopper is shot down. Richard is forced to return to Canada, and befriends a man who speaks no English.

  • 2. Damacles… What A Doll

    Alan goes to the Camans to deposit some money ‘borrowed' from the company. When Alan arrives he is arrested, and must use the briefcase full of money to bribe his way out of trouble.

  • 3. Episode #22 Beaver Creek - The Movie

    Pyramid wants to make a new Beaver Creek movie using the original star Mandy, who's not thrilled with the prospect of returning since she accuses Pyramid of stealing her childhood.

  • 4. Ohm Dot Com

    Contrary to popular opinion, Alan sees no future for the Internet. Richard and Veronica dabble in a little insider trading after Pyramid is approached for their content by a happening Internet company.

  • 5. Wrongly Convicted

    Wrongly imprisoned Dean Sutherland attempts to sell his story to Pyramid as a movie of the week. Alan, however has reservations as he does not trust the DNA evidence that freed him.

  • 6. Alan’s Diet

    The staff are unhappy when Alan starts a protein diet as a New Year's Resolution, and bans coffee and vegetables in the office so they secretly start a coffee house in Richard and Victor's office.

  • 7. Teamwork

    Alan charges Veronica with organizing a team building weekend. The entire office is uninterested including Alan, who announces he can't make it.

  • 8. Happiest Girl in the World

    Alan orders Richard and Veronica to create a new kids show, a task they really don't want. Wanda overhears them talking about the project and asks to join in.

  • 9. Beaver Creek: Live

    The network isn't happy with the 150th episode of Beaver Creek, and the team has to scramble to come up with a new way to make them happy.

  • 10. Arcadia 3000

    Fritz Hoffman returns in from Germany to direct the Arcadia 3000 demo. Alan reflects back on his first film, as does Veronica. She realizes that nothing has changed from the day she joined the company.

  • 11. Husband and Wife

    Concerned with morale at Pyramid, Alan hires William and Susan Doyle to produce an internal video. He instructs them not to tell Veronica, Richard, or Victor.

  • 12. Alan’s Ex

    Siobahan wants a better story to showcase her ‘talent.' Victor, Veronica, and Richard come up with a story about a near death experience to help her.

  • 13. Goodbye

    Alan resolves to end Beaver Creek by killing off the entire cast; Richard produces a negative campaign ad.

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